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December 2002
  1. [909Essay.htm]: Elusive angles: dark 909 - light z404 search ~ ("I have a couple of searches myself that I've begun maybe 2 years ago. One of them I was able to complete in one hour or so when I resumed it after the 909 ordeal:)"
    by ~S~ vvf and ~S~ Jeff, part of the [Essays]. Wizard searching!
  2. A PHP-LAB production:
    [wopen.php]: The Wand of Opening, by Mordred.
    Well, this is -ahem- 'just' -ahem- a opening wand, able to implement our investigations on the password/access/java reversing applets...
    part of the [searching scrolls] section. Advanced PHP stuff
  3. A PHP-LAB production:
    [http://fravia.2113.ch/phplab/wopen.htm]: The Wand of Opening ~ an accompanying essay by ~S~ loki, and ~S~ Mordred
    Demonstrate the weakness of a large part (not to say the majority) of website's protections built on 'client side' gates ~ Create a script that'll break through most of these protections.
    part of the [PHP-oslse] section. "Hidden database" opening!
  4. [netsca7.htm]: Reviewing the new Netscape ver 7 (" Of course, when starting, I chose the custom install, not the default one. I ALWAYS choose the custom install anyway when installing any NEW soft, since I DO NOT trust ANY software's default installation")
    by Angela Natiash, part of the [Essays].
  5. [rabbits.htm]: Catching web-rabbits (Catching the rabbit's ears & pulling files out of the hat )
    by VVAA, part of the [Essays]. Advanced Web searching tricks ~ Updated!
  6. [lab3.htm]: Tag der Kristalltürme (A new lab to test your searching, evaluating and reality cracking skills)
    by fravia+, part of the [Classrooms].
  7. [dawicra.htm]: Dancing With Crawlers (An essay about making websites both search-engine friendly and accessible, without sacrificing 'cool' design)
    by Dan Ciammaichella, part of the [Essays].
  8. ... as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [deceinte.htm] a Interview with fravia+ ~ [info.htm] ~ [advanced.htm] ~ [index.htm] ~ [fu_sussi.htm] ~ [fravia.htm] ~ [index.html] ~ [lab1.htm] ~ [targets.htm] Altosax's "not-image" trick ~ [lab2.htm] ~ [tools.htm] ~ [ideale.htm] ~ [mirrors.htm] ~ [password.htm] ~ [tuttiope.htm] ~ [nomomen.htm] ~ [info.htm] ~

November 2002 (debunking national google censoring :-)
  1. Quite an addition, by ronin and another addition by Nemo, additions to the [ar1essay.htm]: The "index +of" seekers' trick by aapje & ritz, part of the [essays].   "Quite an addition: for instance intitle:"index of /" "parent directory" +"*.nfo" +"*.rar" +"*.r05"..." power searching
  2. FRIDAY: NOVEMBER 29 2002 It's [buy nothing day]: again "United We Spend?" United Let's Don't. (Reversers, crackers, seekers, clever beings screw (just a little tiny bit) the 'you have to consume just coz we told you many times you have to' society) searching Quiet
  3. [rea_kane.htm]: Eliminating the evil real player
    by Kane, part of the [essays], and of the [malware] sections.   (it was about time that some reverser would 'solve' the problems caused by the spyware known as Real player. Here is the solution. Read and enjoy :-) searching alternatives
  4. [rabbits.htm]: Catching web-rabbits (Catching the rabbit's ears & pulling files out of the hat )
    by VVAA, part of the [Essays]. Advanced Web searching tricks ~ Magical searching
  5. [frav_lea.htm]: How did they vote? Learning from our American friends
    by fravia+, part of the [essays].   (Grass root organisations & civil society buffs will appreciate the "accountability" possibilities opened here: searching the web and fighting for a better world do finally slowly integrate :-) searching solutions
  6. [fly_wiz.htm]: The amazing flying wizards (How a bunch of leet seekers enters databases)
    by VVAA, part of the [Essays].  "well sonofabeehive ... google lists a number of members... lets snatch the very first one's email address and try it"
  7. [proxpara.htm#nove]: Proxy paradise SECOND PART (How to take advantage of badly configured proxies)
    by fjrp2, part of the [Essays about proxying].  "You may be lucky enough to find a stable proxy-girlfriend. Maybe it's the gateway from a corporation, or some kind of institution, and maybe they don't even check/notice your activities. This kind of proxy-girl deserves a much more elaborate treating." searching anonimity
  8. [realicra/mord_rec.htm]: Legends of long forgotten yoghurt jars ('The arrival of junk packaging in Bulgaria')
    by Mordred, part of the [reality cracking] section.
  9. ... as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [usenet.htm] ~ [milano/calculator.htm] (Opera has limits) ~ [tuttiope.htm] ~ [tools.htm] ~ [compound.htm] ~ [main.htm] ~ [exegesis.htm] ~ [fu_speci.htm] ~ [fu_speci.htm#sepa] (search the web of the past) ~ [antiadve.htm] ~ [basic.htm] ~ [info.htm] ~ [critics.htm] ~ [whoiam.htm] ~ [links.htm] ~ [advanced.htm] ~ [classroo.htm] ~ [further.htm] ~

October 2002 (a lazy month)
  1. [allthe1.htm]: The long quest of a seeker (Chaining together all the most searched terms)
    by fravia+, part of the [catching stations]
     "So I went to hotmail, actually, to hotmail.com, looking for a red cardinal and for some maps"
  2. [proxpara.htm]: Proxy paradise (How to take advantage of badly configured proxies)
    by fjrp2, part of the [Essays about proxying].  "A lot of proxys are being monitorized. Some of them are even booby-traps to catch naïve youngsters"
  3. [frav_eu1.htm]: Zapping a huge database (How to access ANY European Union document)
    by il-li, part of the [essays].   "Grass root organisations, civil society buffs and fellow linguists will appreciate the possibility to link, read, search and use ALL the European Union documentation for free"
  4. [attecont.htm]: Recover the control of your attention (Why you need to use The Proxomitron)
    by altosax., part of the [Essays about proxying].  "Using a program like The Proxomitron you can transform the web page into pure content. A cleaned page, with just its content, is like a zen painting"
  5. ... as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [usenet.htm] ~ [papers.htm] ~ [index.htm] ~ [fravia.htm] ~ [trolls.htm] ~ [anonyweb.htm] ~ [serend_1.htm] (An addition by Arrowfrog) ~ [pepldoin.htm] ~ [c_intro.htm] ~

September 2002 (the month google was censored in China... Ahem, not really :-)
  1. [ar1essay.htm]: The "index +of" seekers' trick (some web-searching knowledge, worked out and folded toghether)
    by aapje & ritz, part of the [essays].   "This query is used to find so called "open directories", by searching for certain standard-keywords that almost always appear in the server-generated pages of such directories..."
  2. [ritz__3.htm]: javascript bookmark tricks (enhance your search experience ;)
    by ritz, part of the [essays].   "did you know you can use javascript in your url-line or in a bookmark to add even more searching functionality to opera [or any other browser]?"
  3. [Sunday 22 September 2002]: "In Town Without My Car" (European Car Free day)
    by everyone, partecipate! (Nomatter how the concocted media propaganda tries hard to ignore this event, seekers will find out and take part)
    "My god, in the history books of the future they will speak of a society that allowed combustion motors in the center of the towns like we speak of last century England, that allowed child work in the mines... ...or -more probably- they will allow again child work in the mines ... Everything is possible in the name of (their) globalisation..."
  4. [realicra/finn_de1.htm]: BOB The Microwave Oven ('De-branding our environment')
    by Finn61, part of the [reality cracking] section. "Human beings fight back" - Revenge of the Illuminati
  5. [norlight.htm]: Northernlight: For SALE: Your Work (FREEing up a Search Engine)
    by Jeff, part of the [essays].   "A wisdom 'rosario': A 'necklace of knowledge', every pearl gently bringing your seekers' fingers to the next one..."
  6. [missin_1.htm]: When your search fails (Two software searching experiences)
    by batbin, and Dza Stalinskouyou Konstitoutsiyou, part of the [essays].   "And others who lose out the search and the battle should get up and admit it. Otherwise it's time that is lost most, and time pays." ~ Dejavu ver.3.0.21 is not 'out there' (but Dejavu ver.3.0.20 is) ~ Sound forge ver.6 is not 'out there' (but Sound forge ver.5 is)
  7. [adq_pdb1.htm]: PDB Information Leakage
    by adq, part of the [essays].  Advanced reversing for searching purposes: Information leakage discovered during research into Microsoft's Program DataBase (PDB) debugging information files  ~  .LIB files are just AR archives  ~  PdbDump as a tool to check for information leakage
  8. [altosax1.htm]: Follow Links in the Underground
    by altosax, part of the [essays].   Avoid popups, redirection and/or tracking links, links pointing to a false location and so on  ~  Real searchers must be able to find what they are looking for in the most effective way and when the site is realized to fool the users, they should never have to click onto a link just to discover it is not what they thinked it was.
  9. ... as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [links.htm] ~ [photos.htm] ~ [index.htm] ~ [faq.htm] ~ [regional.htm] ~ [whoiam.htm] ~ [flange.htm] flange of myth modified ~ [pdffing.htm] getting a non-protected PDF file ~ [critics.htm] ~ [tools.htm] ~ [info.htm] ~ [softreve.htm] ~ [fu_softi.htm] de-streaming ~ [tuttiope.htm] ~ [main.htm] ~ [targets.htm] ~ [fobegano.htm] ~ [realicra/blbleach.htm] ~ [realicra/body.htm] ~ [password.htm] Jeff's "common names" approach ~ [scan_php.htm] ~ [trolls.htm] ~ [fravia.htm] ~

Sommer 2002 (Holy holydays!)

Updates -until September- will be for sure slower and sparser, yet still possible! Just write to my friends laurent(AT)searchlores.org and/or dq(AT)searchlores.org: they both have "the keys" of searchlore!

June 2002 (a 'zahavian' month)
  1. [sally_02.htm]: Google has a wild side and you didn't know it! (and other searching tricks)
    by Shally Steckerl, part of the [essays].  Advanced searching lore: Google has a wild side and you didn't know it!; Search Engines that do More, Part One: Vivisimo; Wisenut vagaries; Search Engines that Do More, Part Two: Teoma; The NEAR Command; Searching With Fuzzy Logic: The ADJ Command
  2. [wolfinsh.htm]: Wolf in sheep's clothing
    by Oh Yeah, part of the [Anonymity for beginners] section.  Anonymity (ga)lore
  3. [drwho_01.htm]: Extension Identification Bug and IE Registry Manipulation
    (aka "Screwing ms internet explorer": fundamental lore for seekers seeking revenge :-)
    by Doc~, part of the [essays].  Advanced, potentially 'nasty', lore. NOT for beginners.
  4. [index.htm]: A musical riddle for the sommer
    part of the [classrooms]
    A seeker should be able to individuate any song.  Kinda "strainer", not easy, he.
  5. [realicra/blbleach.htm]: Young slaves' behaviour, wabi, sabi and Levi's Jeans
    by fravia+, part of the [reality cracking] section. "How they exploit stupidity" - part 1: The Emperor's New Clothes
  6. ...and, as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [noanon.htm] ~ [softreve.htm] ~ [tools.htm] ~ [undergro.htm] ~ [main.htm] kart00 added ~ [critics.htm] ~ [classfra.htm] ~ [regional.htm] ~ [compound.htm] ~ [pepldoin.htm] ~ [regional.htm] indian search engines ~

Mai 2002 (the month of the trip NNW)
  1. [dark_rid.htm]: books & books & dark riders by AAVV part of the [classrooms]
    Good seekers ride into the night, their magical pouches glowing dim, seeking knowledge and forbidden books
  2. [whazzat.htm]: whazzat internet thingy, then? by _dose part of the [Basic help]
    An essay on the fabric of the Internet that every reverser should read. And re-read.  You better read this. And re-read.
  3. As usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [tools.htm] ~ [main.htm] fast new index ~ [proxitk4.txt] ~ [fuzzy21.htm] ~

April 2002 (the month preparing the trip NNW)
  1. [realicra/hp_slobo.htm]: Understanding , Reversing , and Hacking HP Printers by Slobotron part of the [reality cracking] section. "As a former HP Engineer i found your essay "The Great Printer Scam" quite superficial and misinformative... because the reality about printers is MUCH worse than in your writings."
    A 'reality cracking' masterpiece
  2. fldigest.htm: Trollers Digest: A description of trolling techniques and tactics, by Dr. Flonkenstein, part of the trolling [section]
    'colorful usenet behaviour' explained :-)
  3. mordjava.htm: Database accessing : Reversing Simple Java Protections A generic approach, by Mordred, part of the passwords [section]
    The complete idiot's guide to breaking simple java applet protections,
  4. lokijoy1.htm: Reversing Simple Java Protections The Joylock Case (version < 4.0), by Loki, part of the passwords [section]
    How to bypass a simple web protection that uses a java applet,
  5. lokijoy2.htm: Reversing Simple Java Protections The Joylock Case (version 4.0), by Loki, part of the passwords [section]
    reverse unlimited password protected pages with unlimited usernames and passwords
  6. correof.htm: the garden of forked paths, by Corto Maltese, part of the proxy [section]
    Useful ways to look for anonymizers
  7. As usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [lab1.htm] ~ [tools.htm] ~ [main.htm] ~ [formmai1.htm] ~ [tadimens.htm] ~ [pro_essa.htm] ~ [fosdem.htm] ~ [fra_22.htm] ~ [anonyweb.htm] ~ [basimk.htm] ~ [errors.htm] ~ [luring.htm] ~ [targets.htm] from Heijoshin into Fudoshin ~ [password.htm] uni access fishing ~ [g_prscam.htm] ~

March 2002 (the month of Poser)
  1. whitemea.htm: Proxy Logs - The Other White Meat, by Finn61 part of the combing [section]
    "So now you should have some large lists of URL's you can scan for that hard-to-find document or program"
    "Try each and every link given in this essay, and gasp in awe..."
  2. fuzzy.htm: Using Fuzzy Logic, by Shally Steckerl part of the searching [essays]
    Secrets of the boolean NEAR, the pendulum approach and some 'simplicity' rules.
  3. maltese1.htm: da bag is not empty, yet, by Corto Maltese, part of the proxy [section]
    Useful ways to look for anonymizers (hence how to access any page on the web for free, hehe)
  4. phpspeed.htm: Php tips & tricks, by Laurent and VVAA part of our glorious [PHP Lab!] Some updated stuff for bots writers
  5. undergro.htm: ~ Underground search engines ~ "Where every slave-kid has the holy duty to slurp 3/4 hours of advertisement daily, there is no place - and no pardon - for wasting the precious time that should be dedicated to consume in order to search pirated (and hence free) music, information, software, images, books, knowledge..."
  6. [azfishre.htm]: Review of file-sharing programs "There are numerous file-sharing programs and utilites out there available. They are like strong weed, the more the goverment, big corporations, etc try to kill them, the more will appear, and they will be harder and harder to kill" by Angela Zaharia, part of the [undergro.htm] and of the [essays] sections
  7. As usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [specs.htm] a sitemap of sorts ~ [jeff_sas.htm] ~ [info.htm] ~ [fu_softi.htm] underground searches ~ [tuttiope.htm] ~ [impo_web.htm] ~ [loki_sai.htm] ~ [main.htm] ~ [regional.htm] ~ [fu_speci.htm] ~ [tools.htm] ethereal! ~ [srtools.htm] ~ [proxlist.htm] ~ [pro_essa.htm] ~ [noanon.htm] ~ [proxies.htm] ~ [proxitk1.txt] ~ [proxitk2.txt] ~ [proxitk3.txt] ~ [proxitk4.txt] ~ [proxitk5.txt] ~ [proxy.htm] ~

February 2002 (the month of the delay)
  1. phpspeed.htm: Improving internet bandwidth and download speed or "how to speed up internet connections" by Laurent part of the [PHP Lab!] Advanced sysads stuff
  2. A "flamebot": A perl script that makes automatic replies to one or more usenet posters of your choice by Dr. Flonkenstein part of the [Trolling lore] and of the [bots lore]
  3. Passwords lore: "How to acess -on the web- databases dat do not collaborate" and unabpwd.htm: An unabridged discussion about passwords by loki & many others, part of the [Classroom section] Updated again!
  4. My Workshop at the Fosdem: Advanced Web searching approaches has been held on Sunday 17 February 2002. My friend Richard Stallman spoke for the free software GNU movement on Saturday 16 february 2002)
  5. As usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [trolls.htm] ~ [bots.htm] ~ [compound.htm] some recent metaengines added ~ [specdba.htm] ~ [links.htm] ~ [regional.htm] regional googles ~

January 2002 (the month of the passwords)
  1. Passwords lore: An unabridged discussion about passwords part of the [Classroom section] Fundamental database accessing stuff
  2. [fechal2.htm#three]: "An attempt @ MELCHOM" (Stalking: Europolticians and powerful puppeteers), by ~Veliti~, part of the [Searching Lab 2] section.
  3. [woodm_1.htm]: "Staying Anonymous in 2002", by Woodmann, part of the [Anonymity for beginners] section.
  4. Anonykid's "proxy chaining" forms: chainers; table; chainers, part of the [anonymity lore] Advanced proxy stuff
  5. My 're-ranking' trilogy: Part one: [yoyo1.htm]: The yo-yo technique by fravia+ (Tackling the 'down yonder' problem: a discussion about search engines' "depth") Part two: [synecdoc.htm]: The synecdochical searching method by fravia+ (substituting a part for the whole when searching), Part three: [epanalep.htm]: The epanaleptical approach (and other fuzzy searching tricks) by fravia+
    part of the [essays] section    UPDATED Advanced searching stuff
  6. [yoyo.php]: The yoyo WAND, by Laurent
    Well, this is -ahem- 'just' -ahem- a yoyo wand, able to implement my [yo-yo technique].
    Of course the bot is delivered ad perpetuam rei memoriam to all lurkers, completed with [source code]!
       UPDATED Advanced PHP stuff
  7. As usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
    [tools.htm] (password busters) ~ [main.htm] ~ [obscure.htm] (nobelprize redirection) ~ [anonyweb.htm] ~ [photos.htm] ~ [stalking.htm] ~ [usenet.htm] (nomadnews) ~ [info.htm] ~ [links.htm] ~ [approach.htm] ~ [fobegano.htm] ~ [accmail.htm] ~ [boyd1.htm] ~ [flange.htm] bye northernlight ~ [regional.htm] ~ [poland.htm] ~ [trolls.htm] (Introduction, more about trolling, "Trolls and Schopenhauer") ~ [schopeng.htm] ~

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