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Magical searching

First published @ searchlores.org in November 2002
(This version 1.61 was updated in April 2009)

   Catching the rabbit's ears & pulling files out of the hat  

Advanced Web searching tricks
by VVAA (Various Authors)

 !  Choose "your" right webbit  ! 

(Da structurz of da rabbitz     ••     mp3 webbits)     ••     A webbit search form

(legal anti-rabbits patented rabbish)

Can "explaining people how to search files that are on the web" be constructed as "illegal" by some nasty clown?
Since I respect even the most stupid laws, this would really annoy me.

Let's have a look at the basic EU-directive on "copyrights" (read patents, please always remember that "intellectual property" and "copyrights" are only cheap and rather sarcastic euphemisms for patents): Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society (pdf format, to fetch it in html-format just change the EN in this URL http://eur-lex.europa.eu/JOHtml.do?uri=OJ:L:2001:167:SOM:en:HTML to any other of the EU languages in order to read it -clicking at page 10- translated in your own language, here the relevant codes: en, fr, de, it, nl, es, el, pt, sv, da and fi; and, for EU-legislation drafted after their respective accession, you might use also cs, et, lv, lt, hu, mt, pl, sk, sl, ro and bg)(*).

This appallingly restrictive EU Directive is clearly a law designed only in order to protect the interests of large media organisations (and probably to please our american masters), still the "legislators" couldn't exagerate so much as to give away their true aims: when "consumers' rights" "threaten the industry future" you cannot simply state that you want to screw those very consumers' rights in order to protect your paymasters.
Let's see: in the introductory explanations (22) we can read: "The objective of proper support for the dissemination of culture must not be achieved by sacrificing strict protection of rights or by tolerating illegal forms of distribution of counterfeited or pirated works". This is interesting, albeit -of course- very wickedly expressed. So we note that the real objective to achieve is NOT "strict protection of rights" or "tolerating illegal forms of distribution of counterfeited or pirated works", the real objective to achieve, as stated in this text, is "proper support for the dissemination of culture", albeit in achieving it we shold -admittedly- not make excessive sacrifices. I can live with this.

For the rest, reading the text of the law, we see (art.3) that one should not "make available to the public... [patented] ...works in such a way that members of the public may access them from a place and at a time individually chosen by them" and this we do not. We do not make files available, they are already available. We just point out that they are available everywhere, and, incidentally, this may even help those very bastards patent-holders and their political lackeys to track many repositories of patented files... those clowns may infact learn as well a couple of things about searching. It won't matter a zilch of course: as soon as they stop a loophole, we'll find another one: the very STRUCTURE of the web was made for sharing, not for selling and not for hoarding, "cum bona pace" of the patent-obsessed paranoids.
Also we note - with proud and sense of accomplishment - that the objective of "proper support for the dissemination of culture" can be achieved -inter alia- also through many of the "webbits" you'll find below.

Uff! I can breath again.

Such is the advantage of knowledge: Fac sapias, et liber eris.

(*)In 2006 a new directive was drafted: Directive 2006/116/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2006 on the term of protection of copyright and certain related rights (codified version) (here too, just change that uppercase EN inside the address bar to any other language to obtain it in a different linguistic version) "for harmonisation purposes". Here, in order to protect "the interests of cultural industries", the hard-lobbied EU-legislators have criminally extended the patent coverage from 50 to 70 years (article 1)... Come to think of it: best thing all readers can do is to scan, publish and upload on their own sites every month at least one nice book published exactly 71 years ago!
We should probably launch a web-snowball: "Proud to publish another patent-liberated text!", with badge, logo and everything :-)


Da structurz of da rabbitz (de structura et usu lepris)

warez rabbits   pr0n rabbits   Simple "Ringtones" webbits
Serialz rabbits   Gamez rabbits  
Another way of getting them webbits out?  
mp3 rabbits   mp3 (2006-2007)   mp3 (2008)   mp3 (2009)  
DVD & Media rabbits   Mordred's asterisks   bookish rabbits   newsfeedish rabbits  
passwords rabbits    Find, View And Control Network Web Cameras
email gathering rabbits   proxy rabbits   Rabbits for rabbits  
Cameras and Cams webbits   Other roadkills   Strictly speaking not a webbit...  

People that are new to our webbits wont believe the techniques described here until they try them... so just try them :-)
Those that already know how powerful and mighty Seekers can be, will not wonder at all.
Both kind of readers will find these tricks more useful than my words can possibly underline.

Hey! This section is mostly for advanced seekers, there's shouldn't be any need to explain too much... either you do understand everything, and then some, just looking at the examples listed below, or you better come back here later... or never again.
Yet I'll still begin with a short explanation: homines, dum docent, discunt :-)

Da structurz of da rabbitz
(de structura et usu lepris)

I'll use as a first example a mp3-searching webbit. I repeat: a mp3-searching, not a mp3-stealing, webbit. Seekers don't care much for the various copyright and patent crap obsessions of the powers that be and of their political lackeys and servants because seekers -in fact- NEVER STEAL NOTHING. They don't need to: they find, and in so doing just point out how easy it is to share and bypass any silly commercial restriction on a web MADE in order to share knowledge: our web. The web was made for sharing, not for hoarding and not for selling.

Hence la va sans dire that real seekers do not need to possess copyrighted music (nor anything else), they just taste the fruits without ruining the plants.
We are forced then to conclude that nature in constituting the seeker made it near and dear to itself; for so it comes to repel from him all that is injurious and give him free access to all that is serviceable or akin to it. As ole Diogenes pointed out long ago: possessions do not make you vulnerable unless you become attached to them :-)
To live in accordance with the web is the Seekers' conception of the good for man.

The seeker does not need to hoard on his hard disks whatever he has found on the web: all the various images, musics, films, books and whatsnot that he fetches on the web... he can just taste, use, evaluate and leave there what he finds, without any need to copy it or to "possess" it, because he knows that nothing can disappear any more: once anything lands on the web, it will always remain there, copycatted in a zillion places and available for the eternity to all those that know how to search :-)
But in order to search effectively, in order to quickly find his targets, wading among the commercial morasses and the stinking spam lagoons, he needs a quiver of sharp arrows, and his webbits, as you will now see, are among his most useful tools.

Enuff, let's begin. The structure of the following quite powerful mp3-webbit, that I some time ago presented at the educated ccc crackers in Berlin, has some interesting characteristics, that may be used to exemplify general webbits' structures and purposes (of course you should know what recall & precision mean when searching the web).

High precision
mp3 OR ma4 OR ogg
intitle:"Index of"
High recall
mp3 OR ma4 OR ogg
format variants
index of in title
variable parameter
(guarantees length)
  1. The group or singer name is mandatory.
  2. Adding your target's title can help if you encounter too much noise.
  3. The format variants will guarantee a broader spectrum. If the search engine you are using is heavily censored (as it more and more happens) just eliminate the mp3 parameter. Chances are that in the mp3 lists there will be some uncensored ma4 or some ogg file that will allow their retrieval nevertheless.
  4. The intitle="index of" (or intitle:index.of, which is the same and avoid two keypresses :-) is mandatory, and still allow fairly decent results, the spammers notwithstanding. Of course the intitle: operator is to be used with google, check the different operators for the oher search engines, or just use the simple "index of" string snippet.
  5. The -metallica (or -beatles, or whatsnot) serves as a spamkiller, because many clowns still try to fish zombies out of the real web uploading huge lists of groups' names. If you'r going for high recall, then re-launch your query with a different group acting as spamkiller.
  6. Finally we come to the LENGTH parameter, which not only guarantees the presence of at least some Megabyte heavy mp3, thus cutting away all the irrelervant noise of those bogus "index of" spammer sites with "small snippets" of music, but also can be varied ad libitum and will thus guarantee you hours of fishing pleasure. You may try for instance all variations in the range 1.6M - 6.4M. I suggest starting in the band 3.5-4.5 (which is a good signal ratio for mp3s) and moving upwards if you'r an optimist and downwards if you are a pessimist.

And now the gentle reader is invited to understand on his own the reason d'être of the following webbits...

Old & recent "warez" rabbits/webbits
('catching databases from below')


Old & recent "gamez" rabbits/webbits

"parent directory " inurl:games -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

Old & recent "prOn" rabbits/webbits

(see also the more "in-depth" pron searching at the classrooms as well)

I have received some legitimate critics, since the original 'porn search' examples were eminently 'masculine' oriented.
Hence now female readers may also enjoy some of (or maybe all) the 'searcharrows' you'll now find below...

Searching entries 'around the web', no specific target, using 'common' passwords:
For instance: bob:bob

Searching entries to a specific site (not necessarily pr0n, duh):
For instance: "http://*:*@www" supermodeltits

And now some 'choose the right bait' arrows:
The "moaning & whimpering & whatsonst" trick:
...of course you may go for a specific target word as well:
The more fantasy/linguistic knowledge you apply, the better (potentially) your results.

The "between her legs" trick:

Our female (or female inclined) readers will probably appreciate the following query, instead:
Here an even more "female-softporn" oriented querystring:

You may also try some "japanese" pr0n search strings:
shibari       koonago       bukkake

Finally, a very nice trick to avoid those "index of" spammers & clowns
intitle:"index of/" "Apr-2004" "jpg" playboy note the "Apr-2004" snippet, that you can change at leisure :-)

Another 'funny' pron webbit (use your own fantasy/phantasms for more, err, interesting results, duh):
"blue bikini" "Apache" index.of

Uhmmm. Is this a "mature" audience?
intitle:index.of +playmates -hot -"free pics" -filetype:htm -filetype:html

Or, if you want something more vulgar,
(blnd3 OR blonde3 OR blond3) intitle:index.of

...the only limit to such arrows is, as always, your own creativity :-)

Besides the difference between pr0n and art is always in the eye of the beholder: Gustave Courbet The Origin of the World.

Another, msnsearch related "index of" webbit:
Nov-2005 intitle:"Index of /" {frsh=9999} , for isntance Nov-2005 intitle:"Index of /" {frsh=9999} "digital photography"

Passwords rabbits/webbits

url:*uni* zeitschriften passwort lokal (foreign magazines' passwords)
"login: *" "password: *" filetype:xls (self explanatory)
intitle:"Index of" "people.lst" (duh)
intitle:"Index of" ".htpasswd" "htgroup" -intitle:"dist" -apache -htpasswd.c (duh)
intitle:"index of" site:de password (of course it could be any other country but "de")
intitle:"Index of" passwd passwd.bak (duh)
intitle:"Index of" pwd.db (and again, you get the trend...)

Find, View And Control Network Web Cameras

Da webbit: inurl:"axis-cgi/mjpg"

If you comb the web you'll find of course also sites that gather whole "camera collections": http://www.opentopia.com/hiddencam.php

Email gathering rabbits/webbits

Very dangerous openings for malpeople & spammers & phisers:
For instance:
or, even better,
or, even better,

And then you get email adresses, real addresses and whatsnot. Here an example found in December 2004, preserved coz things disappear on the web.
Another (simple) one for spammers: mailto:info@

Proxy rabbits/webbits

A funny one: "Yeahh, this proxy is working fine!"

Another one: ""*.*.*.*.*:80" "*.*.*.*.*:8080" "*.*.*.*.*:3128""

A powerful Yahoo's webbit by Kane (Winter 2006)
feature:form title:PHProxy whitefyre     "Got me past the college firewall as a quick fix"

Rabbits to find other rabbits

visa "4356000000000000 4356999999999999"

Sort of "Metawebbit', by il-li :-)
How does it work? Well, once upon a time you could find credit card numbers with such a search. But now you only find places that SPEAK about how to find stuff on the web. Sites that could be useful for us. That's the whole point of this webbit.

DVD & Media webbits



Some "fun" video anyone? (change "mpg" with whatever format you might fancy)
"index of" "parent directory" fun .mpg   (by +Malattia)

Simple "Ringtones" webbits

Ok, Ringtones are just trash for unwashed morons, yet...
"index of" "parent directory" ringtones .mid   (by +Malattia)
intitle:index.of? qcp ringtones (by +f)
The qcf format is used by many gsm telephone producers, the extension must be changed per hand or ported to wav in order to play it on your box.

Serialz rabbits (the cereal killer)
(fisher fritz fished frish fish when fishing fish with fish)

Small FAQ
Q: what is the main problem on the web? A: avoiding commercial idiots.
Q: when can you be sure that you are not dealing with commercial idiots? A: When you actually find a site that delivers something, instead of only asking for money/karma/patience/bad taste.
Q: In the case of serials, how do you avoid commercial idiots? A: Using a working serial as a bait, if possible related with your serial search.
Yep, the moral of the story is: if SOME results are there, then the site cannot be that bad... and here we have the famous xcx8-19x0, of C++ Builder V4 fame... of course it would also work with 100-000-0427, for the same reasons. Try SFJHTKJO (cache) 60D015F4-600893EB-BEFF5755-53E4E943 (CD rom), NOV30195MAY261951 (MAC) etcetera...

Small hints
1: Always use quotes, duh. 2: Use other serials, not the ones above, duh... as vvf pointed out, if you use these "stale" cereals you will just get a lot of "historical" pages. 3: Buy your really useful appz.

Da cereal killer:

Another one:

Serialz knowledge

Q: Why do we have so many software versions, serials, numbers, apparent evolution? I mean, why do we have version 2.0.16 and, two weeks later, version 2.0.17 of some crap app?
A: Coz as soon as slow clumsy protectors devise a protection, nimble beautiful crackers find a clever way to defeat it. And seekers find both: the appz and its nemesis.
Q: But most serialz/cracks refer to older versions of the appz. And these are no more on the web: at the moment you can download only the last uncracked version!
A: Nope. ALL versions of ANY app are on the web, the most recent ones (not yet in the shops) and the older ones (even the programmers forgot them).
Besides, as ole +ORC pointed out many years ago, PC-MAGAZINES have published year after year all the older versions... and you can buy 20 kilos old PC magazines with their CD-roms for a couple of euro. A treasure of already serialized/cracked working older appz and some great cracking 'textbooks' at the same time :-)
Übrigens: if you learn how to search you will find all and any program at once, whenever you want.
Of course if you do chose the right seeker's path, and if you do switch over to GNU/Linux (leaving once fro all the nightmarishly expensive, slow and cumbersome windows OS, with all its sniffing and norton craps & firewalls running in the background), you'll NOT need any more to "buy" or "steal" applications or software. As any kids (but alas much too few adults) know: any GNU/Linux distribution comes for free with ALL POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS completely free, as strange as this may sound to those conditioned to believe that you need to "pay" in order to have a good box wth good software.
Q: You mean I should switch over to Linux? But my wondrous (insert name of app or game here) won't work in Linux!
A: First of all "Linux" does not exist. The real name of the OS is GNU/Linux, this is more important that you migth believe, for reasons that you will understand once grown up.
You won't really need "your" (insert name of app or game here). And if you'r really an addict, then you can easily run a virtual windows OS inside Linux, or probably just use the latest release of wine and run the target **inside** GNU/Linux.
You might also consider to keep a dual boot GNU/Linux and windows in order to play games, but you'll probably realise after a couple of months that that's just a waste of harddisk space.
Fact is that to speed up searches and have real control of your machine and guarantee a relative amount of anonimity when surfing, windows and macs are "toy" operating systems in comparison.

Warez in google groups (special thank to Spiro Conomos for this)
in Google Groups, advanced, "past 24 hours" use the query:
+("ftp://" OR "http://") +("*.zip" OR "*.exe" OR "*.rar") -link group:*crack* OR group:*fido7* OR group:*2600*

...do not be TOO afraid of commercial idiots... (- ritz)

sometimes you just have to be bold and plainly ask for what you want.

Basta pasta! (enough google!) (Nemo)

*If* commercial idiots don't have a link to a file with the correct extension, how do they expect me to believe they know *where* is that damn file.. doesn't sound credible.. he

Solution: build your queries in a way that also probe *if* their claims are consubstantiated.

Another way of getting them webbits out? (1)
(catching non linked shadowy sites)

forums having warz'd stuff have rules of not putting active links, so:
Needs to be refined, though.

Another way of getting them webbits out? (2)
(warez' hybris)

Based on the fact that most of the warez groups like to trumpet the fact that they're actually making something available for download ;)

Another way of getting them webbits out? (3)
(anchor trick)

One of Altavista's most SPECIFIC features is the anchor: operator, which will allow patient searchers to find relevant pages trough tha anchor tag.
For instance: anchor:snowflakes or anchor:posette or anchor:beria or anchor:kafka will give you a series of noise reduction arrows...
of course you can extend the trick to whatever...
anchor:warez or anchor:gamez or anchor:whatever :-)

MP3 webbits
(ancient, old, recent, new)

2002-2003 old mp3 rabbits (catching "streaming" mp3 at the source)

First of all, a little history: this was a classic "old" mp3 rabbit-lure:
+"index +of/mp3" +dylan
Ok, it works, not bad either... but that's NOTHING compared to the following magical query:

Clever "Andromedian" rabbits (prototype, by TBD): "search andromeda" "play all"

Refining the mp3 prototype...

"doors" "powered by Andromeda version"

"vivaldi" "powered by Andromeda version"


You dig it? And this can be applied, mutatis mutandis to any other authomated retrieval/distribution system. See the discussion at the [the ~S~ Seekers' msgboard] 

And now a december 2002 addition to the "Andromeda" trick, by ronin:
mp3 searching - generalisation from andromeda's trick (14/12/02 04:28:57) ronin

All the damned porn sites now have incorporated the "index +of" "parent directory" string right into their keyword Traps now - as i guess you've seen

Yes, MP3-Searching in the web ain't no real fun anymore ;)

you can bypass SOME of the fake Traps by using just a few more keywords to get to more legitimate indexs

"index +of" "last Modified" "size" "description" descriptive keyword (mp3?)

by Jeff, February 2004

You may try as well: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=%22parent+directory+%22+MP3+-xxx+-html+-htm+-php+-shtml+-opendivx+-md5+-md5sums

Another MP3 rabbit (by il-li)... "Apache/1.3.29 Server at " mp3:
...modify version number as needed :)

And a classical old one: 'parent directory' +mp3 +dylan, now almost useless...
...unless you repeat it with a "non-google" search engine :-)
'parent directory' +mp3 +dylan @ yahoo (third page)

A simple music searching approach (using as before m4as, that are less censored than mp3s):
(ma4 OR mp3) "index of" +garfunkel For instance:
And you'll also land inside this huge mp3 pasture, so big that it may crash evena mighty browser (try it with firefox and it will probably grind)...

Also: intitle:"index of/" "last modified" "mp3" lady madonna,
And at Baidu: mp3 "Port 80"
(for instance: mp3 "Port 80" eminem).

A more complex mp3 "klebing" webbit:
allintext: ma4 OR mp3 OR ogg "icons/sound2 gif"
See? Now you'll have to "peel the URL-onions", backwards, towards the correct targets.

Whenever you need some specific music, once again, just fetch it from the web at once.
Using a simple string
intitle:"index of/" "last modified" "mp3" garfunkel
or a "local" one: intitle:garfunkel site:geocities.com
or a, ahem, "creative" one:
intitle:fuckriaa garfunkel, q.e.d. ~
Finally, a very nice trick to avoid those "index of" spammers & clowns
intitle:"index of/" "Apr-2004" "mp3" garfunkel
note the "Apr-2004" snippet, that you can change at leisure :-)

Hey, who doesn't enjoy downloading some crispy, fresh mp3s at home, tired and aching after a long day's work? Here a magic, nice querystring, just smash it inside google:
dylan "snd *.mp3 *-*-2005 *:* *.*m" OR "snd *.mp3 *-*-2005 *:* *.*k" OR "snd *.mp3 *-*-2005 *:* *.*"
and obtain the following link: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=dylan++%22snd+*.mp3+*-*-2005+*%3A*+*.*m%22+OR+%22snd+*.mp3+*-*-2005+*%3A*+*.*k%22+OR+%22snd+*.mp3+*-*-2005+*%3A*+*.*%22++&btnG=Search
Change dylan to garfunkel, mendelssohn, mozart or whatnots. Change 2005 to 2006 for freshness, or to 2004 (or earlier) for a different (but possibly more stale) search.

More recent (2006-2007 vintage) MP3 webbits
(inter alia from a Talk in Luxembourg)

-inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:jsp -inurl:php -inurl:pdf -inurl:asp -inurl:txt -inurl:shtml -inurl:phtml -inurl:cgi -intitle:free -intitle:download -intitle:archive +intitle:index+of/ +parent-directory +name +"last modified" +size +description (oasis OR shakira) (mp3 OR wma OR m4a) -download

Note the useful three-pronged spamkiller -download , -intitle:download and -intitle:free
Note alo the fact that we search only for (mp3 OR wma OR m4a). You may add ogg files as well.
There's no point whatsoever in searching those infamous Ipod's m4p. However, should you happen to download some of those Ipod's "fairplay infected" AAC files, you may use a program like JHymn (works with wine) to play them wherever and whenever despite their ridiculous patents, and/or converting them on the fly to a much more useful (and unprotected) m4a format without any quality loss.

Here a very simple, extremely short and yet quite useful webbit. You can launch this (or a very similar one) with any good search engine... even with google...
shakira "4.6m * snd"
"Grown up" humans will probably substitute "shakira" with -say- "bach" :-)
Note -again- the added "variable" parameter +"4.6m". which is quite important in order to reduce noise and spam (again: you can modulate as much as you fancy: 4.5, 4.6, 6.2 etc.).
I suggest starting in the range 3.5-4.5 (which is a good signal ratio for mp3s) and moving upward if you are an optimist and downward if you are a pessimist.

Also pretty good, the %s% trick:
+donovan -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3|ogg) "%s%"

As usual, phantasy is the secret weapon of the seeker

More recent (2008 vintage) MP3 webbits

Try this one:
intitle:index.of.media mp3
Note the "index.of.media" part, you can of course poke inside other folders: "index.of.etc", "index.of.home" and so on...

Also the old intitle:index.of + "mp3" + "shakira" -htm -html -php -asp can still be extraordinarily effective, despite all the clowns awaiting unwashed that use the old "index of" trick, if you just jump to SERP 3 or onward (hic alta, hic salta we used to say; nowaday it is in google, check the caboodle. This is another proof of the scarce effectiveness of google anti-spam filters)

Ditto for the intitle:index.of + mp3 + "dylan" -html -htm -php -asp apache feb-2008 kind of strings, where the 'apache feb-2008' snippet does not manage to keep the spammers away from the first places. A small trick: add

As usual, anyway, phantasy is the secret weapon of the seeker

More recent (2009 vintage) MP3 webbits

Try this one: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index.of" +"last.modified" + "parent.directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "cohen"
Of course you could go for Britney Spears instead of cohen, but you are not limited to crap music. Try "mendelssohn" instead :-)

More "index of" tricks
("Mordred's asterisks")

A trick to make google highlight important parts of the summary with careful usage of asteriscs. For example if we're looking for a big (as possible) recording of rain, we'd use the "index of" trick like that:

"index+of/" "rain.wav"

60 results - but... which one to choose?
Here is a better way to gather relevant info:

"index+of/" "rain.wav******"

Index of /rmx/impregnation
Index of /rmx/impregnation. ... cymb.wav 14-Mar-2003 08:14 975k hh.wav 14-Mar-2003 08:14
780k kick.wav 14-Mar-2003 08:14 780k rain.wav 14-Mar-2003 08:15 4.2M sample1 ...
chronofixion.free.fr/rmx/impregnation/ - 4k - 26 Mar 2003 - Cached - Similar pages

Mmmm... the six asterisks put the info we need in bold. See the size? 4.2M :)

Books - rabbits
(Jeff's quick "book search" tip and Fravia's "quiver of arrows")

Check the ad hoc how to find books section

(See also the old, but still useful "classrooms" books & books & dark riders    and    Cat burglers in the museum after dark)

For some 2006 vintage book seeking examples, check also Fravia's talks
in Montreal "How to find assembly books" and in Luxembourg "How to find books about Python"
"Another interesting side effect of a correct web-seeking approach is that often, when searching for something, you will find on the same servers many other targets related to your topic, targets that you did not even know existed. While this is true for many different targets and only for books, we call this the "being inside the library" effect. Imagine you are not filling out a request form at the counter, imagine you are physically retrieving a book inside a library, with shelves and shelves of books around you and within your immediate reach. Thus you can scan with your eyes all other books in the proximity: books, more or less related to the topic you are searching for, that are, imagine, located on the same shelf, next to your target book and that you can also pick up at leisure. Gee... the amazing power of knowing how to search! "

Some useful 'rapidshare-alike' webbits (see: here) Here some simple "repositories" webbits:
For pdf files: pdf "rapidshare.de/files" site:rapidshare.de
For movies/video files: +inurl:avi|mpg|wmv site:rapidshare.de
or intitle:index.of + movies + "dvdscr" -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls
or intitle:index.of + / + "axxo" -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls
or intitle:index.of + / + "dvdscr" -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

For mp3 files: +inurl:wma|mp3 site:rapidshare.de
For software/zipped files: +inurl:exe|rar|zip site:rapidshare.de
Replace rapidshare.de with megaupload or anyone of the repositories that you will find here in order to search for files available on different servers.

The following comes from a thread first discussed on the [~S~ Seekers' msgboard] 
~S~ Jeff has given to the seekers community so much that it would be hard to find something great enough to tank him. Here, if you take the time to understand the following, you will find a short 'compendium' of the "how to find a book on the web" lore.

Re: book search strategies?

"I am making this post after a search for:
Genius The Natural History of Creativity
written by
Dr. Hans Eysenck
Very poor results, but I did not try everything yet.
Suggestions for this or any book search?

sometimes "too much" is "too little"...

i begin with your words ...
Dr. Hans Eysenck 1910 returns
ok the guy is there ... what do I want? something written BY him
"by Dr. Hans Eysenck" otoh only 3 returns

regroup-rethink ... too much is too little
by Hans Eysenck 6,670 returns --- ok back on track now

filter alittle more ... Genius 512 ... and I see your full book title ... I could take a different path here now or keep on with this one ... I decide to take the Y in the road

is it online??? lets ask

"full text" "Genius The Natural History of Creativity" returns 4

i only looked at the first return ... seems to indicate a full text ... asks for your proquest login ... ah so now we know how we can get a full text Welcome

many ways to skin a cat ... problem is catchin it


Except: Jeff's search did not work out:

Just because Google says it IS doesn't mean it's SO. We must remember to check our results!

(This happens to Jeff sometimes... that's okay, we all make mistakes)

But it does provide good tactics.

Also - it has already been posted here:
fu_speci.htm, and should be cross-linked...
(and it has been duly indexed by Google...)

- Stiletto

Another nice webbit:
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” +(“/ebooks”|”/book”) +(chm|pdf|zip) +”For Dummies”

Try out (and understand) this arrow:
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” +(“/ebooks”|”/book”) +(chm|pdf|zip) +”For Dummies”

or maybe you prefer this one?
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" +("/ebooks"|"/book") +(chm|pdf|zip) +"o'reilly"

Newsfeeds- rabbits  (Nemo's "translation" tip)

Those annoying news with signing in options

Can be easily bypassed... as Nemo points out:

Just thought I'd share this with you... While searching for some info on google I stumbled across a NY Times article. But when I opened the article all I got was the sign in box. darn. So I thought, try google cache, but they were clever enough to add a nocache directive. No luck there.

But the google snippet had some real text from the article, so I know they are serving google something different than me. trying to make my mouth water by getting the pages included in the google index but snatching away the cake before I can eat it!

What the boys didn't think of though, was the google translation tool. Simply translate the page from X to English and voilla you get served the cloaked content! I guess NY Times are going to stuff that hole one day, but in the mean time it makes research so much easier!

That's a neat trick! Probably it should also work for other (news) cloakers... hehehe

This trick is of course -simply put- genial. The idiots that want your data --or your money-- to access their articles MUST INDICIZE those very "hidden" articles on the main search engines in the first time, else no lemming will come and smear his data and/or money around. So the complete text must be SEEN by the search engines' bots.

Hence they MUST ALLOW access to the search engines' bots. The more search engines, the more bots... the better. Google, Fast, Yahoo, Teoma, you name them.

Hence if you -say- spoof your referral, and/or use a translation service and/or use another of the many webbits tricks, you'r as good a reader as google

Try a New york times article on the form below (but if you use, as you always should, Opera+proxomitron it may not work... use --for this-- M$IE like the average zombies and you'll do the magic :-)

  Translate a web page:

Cameras and Cams webbits
by Carsten, March 2005

intitle:"Live View / - AXIS" | inurl:view/view.shtml
intitle:"WJ-NT104 Main"
intitle:"snc-rz30 home" Requiere plugin Active-X.
inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode=Motion" Requiere plugin Active-X.
inurl:LvAppl intitle:liveapplet
intitle:"Live View / - AXIS" Requiere plugin Active-X.
"Powered by webcamXP"
inurl:indexFrame.shtml "Axis Video Server"
"MOBOTIX M1" and "open menu"
intitle:flexwatch intext:"Copyright by Seyeon TECH Co"
axis video server view.shtml
/view/view.shtml axis
"adding live video to one of your own pages a very easy task with an AXIS 2100 Network Camera"
"Live view - / - AXIS"
"Your browser has JavaScript turned off.For the user interface to work effectively"
indexFrame.html axis
"Live web imaging unleashed"
"(c)copyright 1999-2003 VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED. All rights reserved"
"V.Networks Motion Picture(Java)"
"Control the Pan/Tilt and move to the Preset Position"
"Saving & Retrieving Mode"
"TOSHIBA Network Camera - User Login"
webcamXP (software)
"my webcamXP server!"

Other, various & assorted & intersting roadkill rabbits


by Mariuolo, Dec 2007

My dear seekers, I know we come from all over the world but let me say a merry christmas and happy new year for all of you! BTW, Today I've learned the existence of http://lix.in/: lix .
For example it is useful if you want to hide your fileshare link from stupid people which alert rapidshare and megaupload to cancel them or if you want just find material not so still spammed with a simple webbit like this: "http://lix.in/".
Of course don't use it for super-secret material.


[Daily Statistics] [Hourly Statistics] [URL's]



as diferrent versions have different categories:
[Daily Statistics] [Hourly Statistics] [URLs] [Entry] [Exit] [Sites] [Referrers] [Search] [Agents] [Countries] for example

This gives 75000 results, but many of them are monthly or other stats, so it's maybe better to provide a filter (~50000):

http://www.google.com/search?num=25&hl=en&lr=&ie=utf-8&oe=utf- 8&q=%22generated+by+webalizer+version%22+%22%5BDaily+Statistics%5D%22&btnG=Google+Search


A gameboy webbit: http://www.google.com/search?q=1929+-+Rave+Master+Special+Attack+Force+(U)&sourceid=opera&num=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
Another one: http://www.google.com/search?q=1908+-+A+Sound+of+Thunder+(U)&sourceid=opera&num=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8



"not for distribution" confidential
intitle:"index of" site:de password
of course it could be any other country but "de"

"Select a database to view" -google
and so on... "eitelkeit-fishing"

Franz BeckenFisher

Foreign magazines' passwords


less noise with : +cracker +packager +protection +"release date"
Not all groups use the "enjoy this fine release" sentence. And also, not only scene groups use it.
+filetype:nfo still works fine ;) (around 1K nfos indexed by google.)

Anonymous corrector

Some comments :

+"Select a database to view" +intitle:"filemaker" -google :)

About the 'confidential' webbit, see : http://www.searchlores.org/loki_mil.htm

Ah, some others (there is no end..) : +password +config.inc +filetype:inc -cvs

or +mysql_connect +filetype:inc -cvs


Funny rabbits

by Kane (September 2004)

intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis
intext:"MOBOTIX M1" intext:"Open Menu"

Linguistic rabbits

by fravia+ (September 2004)

intitle:glossary and of course you may specify your target sector: intitle:glossary "internet terms"

This is connected both with our Seekers' Linguistic Station and with our eurosearch.htm regional approach...

Search engines rabbits

by fravia+ (October 2004)

Everything about google's datacenters and dances:

Winall webbits

(Caleb & others, updated September 2005)

[parent.directory winall -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5su]



Strictly speaking not a webbit...
...but an interesting searching trick nevertheless

Use Yahoo "sitesearch" onto your target, and scroll to the bottom of the results' list to quickly discover -if you are lucky- whole "forgotten" directories, css, java and other scripts, etcetera.
You must take account of yahoo's results upper limit (1000 max): Sitesearch ranks results according to popularity, and the juicy targets are always at the bottom of such rankings, so choose sites (or sites' subdirectories) containing around 1000 (or less) pages!

C'mon, don't be shy :-)

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