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As a sort of 'present', for your further travelling on your own, I would like to offer you some "specific" search engines and/or archives that I found very useful and that seem relatively difficult to find out and/or underestimated.
On this page:
[Newspapers search & inks to newsfeeds & archives]
[Disappeared Sites] (Wayback, Recall)   [Sites names] (Netcraft)

On other pages:
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enjoy & send valuable additions!


(http://www.thepaperboy.com/ ~ "5013 Newspapers From 175 Countries")

Newspaper Search

Of course being able to read any newspapers of the world does not mean much if you don't know how to filter out the very rare snippets of information and and to recognize the few [valuable sources of information] that are not simple progandistic megaphones of their owners' interests. This said it is for sure quite instructive to learn that slightly different soups of commercial advertisement, hysterical nationalism & ridicolous propaganda are served - under all latitudes - to the zombies...

Don't forget to check the News feeds section!
Where you will also be able to peruse the Archived articles section!


http://web.archive.org/collections/web/advanced.html ~ The 'Wayback' machine, explore the Net as it was!

Visit The 'Wayback' machine at Alexa, or try your luck with the Recall form below.

Example of a string: http://web.archive.org/web/*sa_/http://www.yahoo.com

Alternatively learn how to navigate through [Google's cache]!

There is also an Open Directory Project Archive:

The Open Directory Project is now archiving its old data The archive will be updated regularly from now on.
Structure, Sample & Profile are not so interesting, but
contains site content, links, and descriptions.

Search the Web of the past (Recall: the 'Wayback' machine)


Recall BETA   After before About Recall  Feedback


(http://www.netcraft.com/ ~ Explore 15,049,382 web sites)

VERY useful: you find a lot of sites based on their own name and then, as an added commodity, you also discover immediately what are they running on... verbum sapienti sat est eheh, I mean... A buon conoscitor, poche parole, I mean... a word to the wise is enough...
Search: search tips
Example: site contains [searching] (a thousand sites eh!)

In fact Netcraft is so useful that you may want to add a netcraft javascript ad hoc bookmarklet to your bookmarks :-)

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