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Updated August 2004
[Errors you encounter]    [Errors you make]
[Errors made by others you can take advantage of]

(this page, still in fieri, was started during leapday 29 February 2000)

Errors you encounter

Searchers, seekers, wanderers... wizards and lamers alike... all travellers when navigating the deep deep web encounter the following errors. Do you really know what they mean? :-)
I'll use Shirley Malcom's material as "starting platform". I hope, however, to develop considerably this section in the future: readers' additions to the "What can you do about it?" parts, below, are welcome.
Let's begin with two "golden rules":
  1. Always check what you've typed for errors. The most common errors are caused by typos. And don't forget the subclause to this rule: always check that the case of the letters in a URL is correct. Unix knows the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, and it doesn't translate between the two.
  2. Try again. Temporary delays and errors go with the territory. Sometimes just hitting the Reload button is all it takes. Other times waiting an hour and re-trying to Reload later does the trick.

And now let's list the errors:
Errors you make

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Errors made by others you can take advantage of

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