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This is the "what's new" section of our [searching lore], useful to keep abreast.
The exact names of all pages that have been updated are regularly listed here. As anyone capable of searching the web knows, [names] have the outmost importance when mining information on the www. Owners of private and [public mirrors] can thus fetch directly all updates through good old [wget] (here for windoze addicts), or Stevo Ondrejicka's mighty [pavuk] (Note 1), or Daniel Steinberg's "curl" site-grabbing facility (Note 2).
You may also like to have a look at Luc's and +Forseti own-made mirroring [bots] and/or scripts. Of course you could use [teleport-pro] or any other commercial spider instead, but in that case you better be [careful]. Finally you better read the [warning] below before attempting any kind of mass-downloading from my sites...

Spring 2009   
Der Lenz ist da!

March: due to my [still ongoing illness] this site was frozen for half a year... but will now be further updated... unfortunately as a last "Sour 'n sweet [swan song"] :-|

  • [kane_how_2_host.htm]: How to Host Files on Free Services
    by ~S~ Kane
    part of the updated [files_repositories.htm] section.
    "...for instance if you are uploading a file named “adobephotoshop.rar”, anyone who comes across that file anywhere on the web is going to have a good idea of what is inside that file and can complain to have it taken down on suspicion of pirated content. If on the other hand you renamed it ‘familyholidayphotos08.rar’ anyone coming across that file other than from where you posted it will think its uninteresting and pass it by.."

  • [realicra/crithou.html]: Critical thinking (Fallacies and the "fallite fallentes" seekers' approach)
    by hraefn
    part of the [reality cracking] section.
    The need to doubt, analyze and reverse whatever you find: "Critical thinking is the ability to be aware of the fallacies in our own thinking, and root them out. The overconfidence that we are right, that we only exaggerate slightly, or value an ideology over truth. These are things we as reality crackers need to be aware of and counter both in ourselves and in the information we receive."

  • [realicra/basiclawsofhumanstupidity.htm]: THE BASIC LAWS OF HUMAN STUPIDITY
    by Professor Cipolla, illustrations by James Donnelly, now finally in the public domain
    part of the [reality cracking] section.
    "Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake"

  • [machine_translation.htm]: How to search the web in languages you don't know
    by fravia+
    part of the [seekers linguistic station] and of the [essays] section.
    "Granted! Personal (good) knowledge of foreign languages is always a mighty addition -and weapon- for all web-seekers: You happen to know -say- Czech and whoop-là! A whole world of browsing and untapped information opens up. Yet even the best linguists-seekers ("lusi naturae", all of them :-) cannot cope with the fathomless linguistic depths of the infinite web: in order to fetch real information on a given subject you very often have to delve inside languages you don't understand a single word of..."

  • [what_strings_did_users_use_to_find_searchlores.htm ] some data! ~ some transparency! ~ some info!
    by fravia+
    "Never underestimate the hidden power of a "convoluted-byzantine-obsolete-not trendy" structure of a site :-)"

  •  ! Those readers whose searching skills are below average might rejoice
    knowing that our mighty namazu search functions
    (which were broken for an embarassing long time), now work again.

  • Here some new (or slightly updated) pages @ [searchlores]:
    [files_repositories.htm] (new intro) ~ [info.htm] ~ [seekers linguistic station] ~ [links.htm] ~ [beers.htm] ~ [objects_searching.htm] ~ [journals.htm] (confer University level FREE open courses & Theses & dissertations searching) ~ [googlex.htm] (all the EU-docs through google's servers) ~ [photos.htm] ~ [babelfish.htm] ~ [rabbits.htm] ~ [google.htm] (Some useful know hows ) ~ [targets.htm] ~ [basic.htm] ~ [advanced.htm] ~ [classroo.htm] ~ [further.htm] ~ [yahoo.htm] ~ [library.htm] ~ [images.htm] ~ [usenet.htm] ~ [destream.htm] ~ [useful_findings.htm] (even more GNU/Linux "findings") ~ [rose.htm] ~ [mines.htm] ~ [fravia_summa.htm] ~ [books.htm] ~ [effective_searching.htm] ~ [awebbitsearchform.htm] (yeah, a webbit search form, nomen est omen :-) ~ [magicfi.htm] (guessing lore) ~ [tips.htm] (more seekers' proverbs :-) ~ [combing.htm] ~ [main.htm] ~ [google_ajax.htm] (a google translate mask to play with) ~ [mirrors.htm] (a zipped searchlores with images for download-junkies) ~ [909Essay.htm] ~ [terminology.htm] ~ [welcome.htm] ~

  • September 2008   
    Does an imminent death inspire careful consideration on the meaning of one's past?

    Due to my [illness] this site has been frozen and is no longer updated

    Spring-Sommer 2008   
    Holy Holydays!

    1. [realicra/bravegeorgia_stupidossetia.htm]: Folly of the progressive fairytale ("brave gallant georgia versus stupid vile ossetia")
      by John Gray
      part of the reality cracking section.
      Reversing the most recent, scary and warmongering, propaganda lies of our slavemasters

    2. [files_repositories.htm]: Specialized search tools and techniques
      by Mariuolo
      part of the searching locally section.
      Mariuolo has updated the older files repositories section prepared by Kane and myself, adding some useful search forms. And he points out: "generally when you search for file sharing, Yahoo is better"
      Updated! (yahoo mask now working)

    3. [bash_galore.htm]: Assorted command line tricks and tips
      by _Mammon
      part of the GNU/Linux section.
      _Mammon is still alive and kicking, and shares some interesting ideas about how to use the shell. Most unwashed are simply incapable to grasp the fact that any graphical interface slows things down, compelling you to click around like a madman, while at the same time most command line commands represent sheer mighty cosmic power.
      As _Mammon points out: "The shell is awesome!"

    4. realicra/moscheta.htm: Moschete, Mouches & Moles: mmm! (Reversing secret codes: "Beauty spots")
      by Sesame ellis
      part of the reality cracking section.
      "Reversing the "beauty spots" language. Until now there was no satisfactory complete explanation on the web. Good enough a reason for researching a little and sending it to searchlores"

    5. Here some new (or slightly updated) pages @ searchlores:
      [info.htm] (new Gnu/pgp key) ~ [linux_games.htm] ~ [accmail.htm] ~ [find_the_command.htm] ~ [local.htm] ~ [blog.htm] ~ [gimp_versus_photoshop_1.htm] ~ [linux.htm] ~ [useful_findings.htm] ~

    Winter 2008   
    It is necessary to streamline and "clean" searchlores: there's a lot of obsolete stuff. Readers' suggestions, "modi operandi" and advice would be welcome

    1. [how_to_research.htm]: How to research, evaluate and collate web material
      by A+heist
      part of the essays section.
      Old A+heist reappeared out of the blue with an interesting short essay: how to prepare a pre-universitary level but still full-fledged and thoroughly valid research on a given argument (here in his example: Dinosauria) in a very short amount of time. As the Author himself points out: "Unfortunately, finding journals and texts is often easier than evaluating them".

    2. [searching_image_challenge_2008_1.htm]: A short image searching challenge for this cold February 2008
      part of the images section.
      "Well, how would you proceed?"

    3. [objects_searching.htm]: The basic principles of searching. Searching stuff you have lost.
      by fravia+
      "Most of the time the object you'r looking for is not 'missing', YOU forgot where you did put it"

    4. [mhyst_w3s.htm]: W3S: Web Personal Spyder.
      by Mhyst
      "The aim of this document is to put forward the structure and functionality of W3S and, at the same time, to describe a basic searching web spider. I hope this essay will offer somebody the possibility of making his own web spider."
      Part of the bots section.
      For ADVANCED seekers, some sound programming knowledge required.

    5. [deepweb_searching.htm]: How to access and exploit the shallow deep web.
      by fravia+
      Part of the essays section.
      "This paper profess that the many "open access" indexable databases that have recently flourished within what was the "unindexed web", have already shallowed the supposed depth, and are destroying the prehistoric "pay per knowledge" access model, of the "deep web" of once. Moreover, seekers might access "from behind" the remaining unindexed deep web of proprietary databases using some creative, if at times slightly dubious, approaches (provided this is not forbidden by the legislation of their respective countries of residence or of the countries of their chained proxies)."
      Updated!, with some additions by ~S~ Nemo

    6. [ocadelcairo.htm]: "La legge dell'oca", a web-searching rule
      (a demonstration of the direct relation between "findability" and "celebrity")
      by fravia+
      part of the essays section.
      So did we prove the "Legge dell'Oca"? Is there a real direct relation between "findability" and "celebrity" of a target? Indeed there is, as those readers that took the time to follow the links we have used in this essay will surely have noticed. But we also determined that the "findability" curve never vanish: rare and obscure subjects are surely more difficult to find than ubiquitous targets like Mozart's "great" G minor symphony K_550, yet even such rare targets ARE lurking somewhere in the deep deep web. So even when approaching maximum rarity levels the chances to find a given "rare" target remain constant.
      Updated!, "a refreshing guide to classical music searching"

    7. Here some new (or slightly updated) pages @ searchlores:
      [info.htm] (new Gnu/pgp key) ~ [laws.htm] (new links) ~ [targets.htm] ~ [rose.htm] ~ [bots.htm] ~ [main.htm] ~ [realicra/exegesis.htm] (cleaned & added a lot) ~ [rabbits.htm] ~ [specdba.htm] (now obsolete) ~ [statistics.htm] ~ [dictiona.htm] (added etymological dictionaries) ~ [nomomen.htm] (more on altdorf and schleswig :-) ~ [tools.htm] (cleaned) ~ [blog.htm] (cleaned) ~ [tuttiope.htm] ~ [find_the_command.htm] ~ [welcome.htm] (new antispam) ~ [news.htm] (new antispam) ~ [pdffing.htm] ~ [critics.htm] ~ [prev2006.htm] ~ [rabbits.htm] ~ [useful_findings.htm] (new linux section) ~ [linux_games.htm] (new linux section) ~ [statistics.htm] ~ [trolls.htm] ~ [stalking.htm] ~ [linux.htm] ~

    Autumn 2007   
    (Chemiocleaning myself)

    1. [linux.htm]: Going to Linux (Ubuntu) once for all.
      by VVAA
      Added: How to wardrive for hours on your batteries (tty secrets)
      Updated in November

    2. [google.htm]: A very interesting snippet
      by Shally Steckerl
      Daterange secrets (&as_qdr=d kniffs)
      Updated in December

    3. Here some new (or slightly updated) pages:
      [tools.htm] (a little cleaned) ~ [bangla.htm] (corrected links) ~ [filehosting.htm] (small addition by Eevon) ~ [rabbits.htm] (small addition by Mariuolo) ~ [newsfeeds.htm] (a little cleaned) ~ [targets.htm] (changed) ~ [statistics.htm] (new) ~

    Sommer 2007   
    (Happy Holydays!)

    1. [alltheweb.htm]: No one lights a candle and hides it under a bushel, except Yahoo!
      by Nemo
      An incredible load of seekers' knowledge. It encompasses an update of the famous [nemo_SEO.htm]: how to beat SEO spammers at their own game: cleaning our web from SEO crap.
      Part of the essays section.
      "This is Nemo, delivering an incredible amount of seekers' knowledge for free. Be warned, the iceberg is deeper than it looks like, and if you follow it, and the many hints inside, you'll obtain dangerous wizard power searching capabilities..."

    2. irc.htm: Internet Relay Chat lore
      by Kane
      The "Internet Relay Chat lore" section has been updated! Tons of info and links in order to finetune your IRC-searching skills!

    3. realicra/nightclubs.htm: Nightclubs are hell. What's cool or fun about a thumping, sweaty dungeon full of posing idiots?
      by Charlie Brooker
      part of the reality cracking section.
      "Clubs are despicable. Cramped, overpriced furnaces with sticky walls and the latest idiot theme tunes thumping through the humid air so loud you can't hold a conversation, just bellow inanities at megaphone-level. And since the smoking ban, the masking aroma of cigarette smoke has been replaced by the overbearing stench of crotch sweat and hair wax"

    4. realicra/aquafina_and_dasani.htm: Aquafina and Dasani: Consumers are morons - misleading marketing practices
      by fravia+
      part of the reality cracking section.
      "...for most european consumers, the idea of some bottled tap water sold as a "real" spring mineral water would definitely be on the top list of scams. Well, rejoice: it has been common practice in the States during the last ten years, and the slavemasters are now trying the same scam in the European Union... ...it's like shooting at the red cross: you open a bottling factory and can automagically sell some 0.03 cents half litre water for one euro..."

    5. [linux.htm]: Going to Linux (Ubuntu) once for all.
      by VVAA
      Ahhh. What a bliss. What a speed. What a power. The idea behind this page is to help anybody to swap almost on the fly a windozian, slow, cumbersome, virus ridden and prone to errors computer, into a quick, stable and above all powerful linux box.
      Updated in June!

    6. ... as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
      [mirrors.htm] (news) ~ [main.htm] (cleaned) ~ [bangla.htm] (cleaned) ~ [json.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [nemo_SEO.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [oracle.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-document.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-gandalf.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-gandalf-aragorn.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-gandalf-frodo.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-gandalf-tolkien.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-hints.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-internet.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-nemo.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-nemo-verne.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-philosopher's-stone.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-search.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-seek.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-strategies.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-tips.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-web.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [yahoo-webpage.htm] (part of Nemo's essay) ~ [welcome.htm] (corrected) ~ [info.htm] (cleaned) ~ [faq.htm] ~ [tuttiope.htm] (cleaned) ~

    Spring 2007   
    (Still rethinking the future of searchlores)

    1. [rcrs.htm]: Reverse engineering of online customer reviews
      by slappy and sem
      A study of 'shillism'
      Part of the trolls section.
      "Take a look at the top reviewer on amazon. As of today this is harriet klausner with 13723 reviews. On first sight there is nothing that catches the eye, but doing some math raises questions. Lets suppose she has been reviewing for amazon the last 5 years...
      13723 book reviews
      2744.6 books per year
      52.78 books per week
      7.54 books per day...
      What d'you say? Would you trust her? :-)

    2. [termisearch.htm]: How to build a google pre-filter. A proof of concept: a pre-search filter/bot.
      by fravia+
      Just an example of a possible application of a simple, but effective google's pre-filtering approach
      Part of the bots section (even if it is just a pre-filter and not a bot strictu sensu).
      This is here simply done adding, subtracting or ORring automatically some ad hoc search terms to whatever query you may have.
      This is the whole point of this example. Tou don't need to go linguistic. You modify or create your own forms at leisure.
      You may want special effective forms in order to search for books or images and just eliminate all those idiot sites that try to 'trap' searchers into advertisement hells or crippled items for zombies and guinea pigs.
      Or maybe you want mp3s without having to wade knee-deep into morons trying "to sell" you those very mp3s (quelle vulgarité!). Or whatever... I'm sure you get the infinite possibilities now in your own hands :-)

    3. [linux.htm]: Going to Linux (Ubuntu) once for all.
      by VVAA
      Ahhh. What a bliss. What a speed. What a power. The idea behind this page is to help anybody to swap almost on the fly a windozian, slow, cumbersome, virus ridden and prone to errors computer, into a quick, stable and above all powerful linux box.
      Updated in June!

    4. [find_the_command.htm]: How to find with find.
      by fravia+, part of the linux section.
      "...and how to locate, list and grep inside your box whatever you need whenever you need it..."
      Updated in June!

    5. ... as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
      [main.htm] (cleaned) ~ [tuttiope.htm] (cleaned) ~ [dictiona.htm] (new tool for chinese, korean, russian and japanese web-searching: repairing the Babel tower?) ~ [contract.html] (cleaned) ~ [fu_sussi.htm] (underlining a terrific tool to seriously examine and study those awful clima changements that only idiots, american presidents and criminals still deny) ~ [converter.htm] (Length, Weight, Pressure, Volume & Temperature converter) ~ [images.htm] (cleaned) ~ [welcome.htm] (+february) ~ [password.htm] (cleaned) ~ [info.htm] (email addresses pngged) ~ [bangla.htm] (cleaned) ~

    Winter 2007   
    (The streamlining of searchlores)

    1. [linux.htm]: Going to Linux (Ubuntu) once for all.
      by VVAA
      Ahhh. What a bliss. What a speed. What a power. The idea behind this page is to help anybody to swap almost on the fly a windozian, slow, cumbersome, virus ridden and prone to errors computer, into a quick, stable and above all powerful linux box.
      Updated in March!

    2. [change_windows.htm]: I won't beta-test windows.
      by mycroft tanstaafl, march 2007, part of the essays section.
      "As it turns out, quite a bit of common software exists, is free, often works better than anything else out there. I slowly switched, and I still use them, since, well, I have about 20 PC's in my life, and about half of them run Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Open SuSE, Solaris, and, of course Debian. No Mandriva, no Slackware, no Centos, no Yellow Dog, no Linux From Scratch... There's just too many to load them all"

    3. [find_the_command.htm]: How to find with find.
      by fravia+, march 2007, part of the linux section.
      "...and how to locate, list and grep whatever you need whenever you need it..."

    4. ... as usual, some new (or slightly updated) pages:
      [intro.htm] ~ [main.htm] ~ [info.htm] ~ [mirrors.htm] ~ [terminology.htm] ~ [inktomi.htm] ~ [quickforms.htm] ~ [google.htm] ~ [faq.htm] ~ [lea2tra.htm] ~ [anonyweb.htm] ~ [rabbits.htm] ~ [destream.htm] ~ [misterstallman.htm] (part of the exegesis lore) ~ [bangla.htm] ~ [compound.htm] ~

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