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I have fished you out of the useless commercial web on purpose, and for your own good. you happen to have approached a site of knowledge, fashioned in the manner of the "web of old". There are no banners and no advertisement whatsoever on my site, where you will meet others that are interested in learning - and teaching - searching methodologies. You'll gain knowledge and power here that will enable you to search the web MUCH more effectively in the future.

The WORDS you have used for your search are contained somewhere in the 'catching list' below. Note that I have chained, in their correct order, the MOST COMMON search terms used on the web. The words are here, but the PAGES you are searching for are hidden somewhere on the huge web. You'll learn here how to find them. Let's hope you will, one beautiful day, be a fisher instead of a fish and contribute yourself to our vast wealth of knowledge.

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The long quest of a seeker
by fravia+, October 2002

I have chained, in their correct order (from "most searched" google to last of my list consumer reports) the most common search terms used on the web in September 2002. If you take the time to read the gibberish below, you'll get quite a precise idea of the extreme futility of all searches performed every second by millions of zombies. Just to make an example: "desktop wallpaper", of all possible queries, seems to be a top priority for many morons.

I was searching with google my preferred american idol (I also used yahoo, coz two engines are better than one). I found hotels, sex, and even ebay. But not many lyrics (not even on, as I said). So I went to hotmail, more precisely, to, looking for a red cardinal and for some maps (you know those silly jokes about a dictionary where you perform a sort of mapquest, don't you?).
Well it did not look like a california lottery at all, even with the help of my song lyrics found through -as I said before - . Hence I still wanted some games and Pictures for Free, though only blank answers came from the search engines la

Discouraged, I played a fantasy football with the weather, you understand: no porn, no blowjobs, no literotica at all. And then, all of a sudden: kazaa! And lo! There was music all over the place, like a frenzy west nile virus .

Meanwhile some clip art of the American Idol found its way in the snes roms , and even in baby names and recipes! Those april fools zombies where still searching for free porn on the commercial web, they did not know about usenet.
Yahoo Mail is so bad you could use it as wallpaper , no point in sending white pages to your parents, they prefer cd covers and are interested only in their ridicolous hair styles.

You may ask jeeves for silly free games and some mp3 but opie and anthony , together with other idiots, will probably search for Motorsports and used cars. There's clearly a need for W3schools where young and old people may learn how NOT to search for and xxx stuff, you get what I mean...

Out of the blue comes then the kelly blue book sort of Online Dictionary of all possible clipart la msn . My idea was to find enough zip codes to convince big brother 3 to give me some airline tickets or at least some shares of . I had no clear driving directions when seeking britney spears on a People Finder engine. I wanted to see her lingerie , but dark thought of the Consolidate Debt compelled me to operate free music downloads and free clip art sales for a while.

I received a lot of greeting cards from those zombies that use southwest airlines to travel in a dream, made of sexy movies and stimulating quotes . I used winzip to compact all possible birthdays , still dreaming green, scant bikini fitting tightly those luscious girls .

Suddendly a roar of anger surprised me: "free fonts!" It was the mighty thumbzilla coming out of the jungle with a scanty clad , see: I know you are particularly interested in erotic stories... you'r a luser looking for warez on, aren't you? Even worse, you'r futile attempt to download Free Download Music from those spyloggers at are doomed. You will never find the sublime directory hidden in the mysterious tommys bookmarks , among those anime that did not find the way to the home depot . Hey! You hear these free ringtones? They seem to say that only dogs would use cheats , and Song Lyrics are not simple useless chat.

Come February, come March, come avril lavigne , and we are still searching to have an orgy of sex stories , reproduced through Free Clip Art , and even on Free Desktop Wallpaper (though I fail to understand why zombies so badly search wallpaper).

In our world area codes are as important as a car , and Free Mp3 Downloads should not have tattoos or other proprietary marks, nor should free greeting cards ever be used.

Unfortunately it looks like even the lord of the rings nowadays uses Yahoo to find free clipart, instead of using yellow pages as toilet paper, together with the dammit ubiquitous screen savers.

No airlines will bring you to The luscious lolitas in your desperate blowjob search, no matter what your horoscopes and Road Maps tell you.

People say that nothing can beat some vin diesel posters, looks to me one of those famous quotes, like the one about lolita visiting a walmart to find her Free Clipart and singing free music for a public of Hotmail afecionados and aol slaves, as nude and erotic as a mortgage calculator found through

Fellow searchers! freeones! Hear the most industrious desktop themes and perform a Job Search through yahoo mail in all seeking related science fields. Clearly free sex stories may represent a science fair project only for, where Johnny guitar tabs awful screensavers for playboy readers, and morpheus lies dreaming at R'lyeh, and in his house plans the writing of new books about Avril Lavigne, this lavigne syuff must be some kind of chick, it's the second time it appears on this list...

You wont find on no funny pictures, you better go to for your dogpile of online dictionary. According to my fonts, you should avoid any holiday inn and any California Lottery because the kids you can find there look like creatures from

Methinks moreover that chat rooms should not have any internet access at all and that flowers, used inside ecards, always produce incest situations, as any sublimedirectory will testify. A map quest for online education will not give reliable insurance quotes and I would not like to read incest stories about a nudist young author using some kind of "travelocity" for his music downloads.

I found some news , mostly pictures , through cnn , but they were not as good as old cracks from my friend richards realm . Those GNU programs are Lyrics that beat anything that may offer. Maybe we should actively spread the glorious GNU philosophy through e-cards , Free Greeting Cards and through eminemtes cheat codes!

On a far away ampland , meanwhile, a blue book last seen on Ebay .com will cause your MSIE browser to crash all sears... But don't get me started on , where you can find only useless auto parts and some textbooks that look like having been written by a persian kitty . If I had a currency converter I would swap Hotmail Email with idiots like the hun for some good computers!

Finally, back to square one, our infaticable Person Finder decided to play a california lotto at las vegas . Alas, the Weather Forecast was bad and all american airlines lost their Maps . So no flights, airport closed: best buy was the pussy of an united airlines hostess, and the event improved of course their consumer reports.

(c) fravia+, 2002   :-)

(This is the SECOND catching station, the first catching station may be visited here)

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