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(Are "links" almost meaningless?)

Well... I am not sure that a site dealing with searching & information retrieval techniques should actually give any link at all (apart, pheraps, the useful searchtools' tools and maybe dmoz and google compilations) since you should be able to find anything you may wish WITHOUT having any link: links are almost meaningless on our web-quicksand since they require a continuous & hard to automate repairwork. I present this "link" page nevertheless, though, in order to point my readers to some resources that may result useful.
Note that many other pages scattered inside my site have many ad hoc links that you will NOT find here.

Of course all searchlores links are commented ~

Silly disclaimer about 'dangerous' links
Some web-ignorant and not execessively smart legislators have decided that by setting a link on his pages, any author is responsible for the content of the linked page.
Yep, it's absurd, I know, but that's what happen when you let lawyers escape their zoos and roam the web.
Said author can only protect himself if he is distancing himself from "dubious contents".
I happen to link to other pages in the internet. For all these links, I would like to point out that I don’t have any influence regarding design and contents of the linked pages.
I keep the outmost distance from all contents of all pages linked from my sites.
I am taking explicite distance from all contents of all linked pages on my sites and I don't call the contents of the linked pages my own.
I strongly emphasise that I do not have any influence on the design and contents of the linked pages.
This disclaimer belongs to all links that appear on my sites.

Besides, not every link is really a link :-)

Links related to Searching
(Uh? Should a searching site have 'links'?)

Try [
this search] (note that you'r @ page three, ehehe: hic alta, hic salta), or try [this one] or go to [fast] or go to [google], or go to [teoma] (now, idiotically, "ask.com"), or try out [Wisenut] or [msn search] or [Yahoo]
or use the [main engines], [regional engines], [local engines], [usenet searches]or [combing resources]
in order to search "searching sites" effectively.

Remember that some links 'related to searching' do not always come to mind, for instance those on usenet: google.public.support.general and alt.internet.search-engines, where you can practicize in abundantiam the lore of combing, trolling, luring and stalking.

Links related to heavy censorship
(Should a bunch of rotten lobbyists be allowed to annoy humans to no-end?)

RIAA Radar search

The 100 highest-selling albums on Amazon.com that are RIAA-safe Updated every day

Useful Messageboards, pouches, scrolls, wands and sceptres
(Never underestimate their importance...)

[Our magical pouches]   [A sceptre]   [Our messageboards]   [Other friendly messageboards]   [Other messageboards]  

Magical pouches:

A sceptre   (of variations)

Of a similar nature is that "Sceptre of variations" script (funny thing is that sceptre can be spelled also scepter - click on the title :). It is intended to substitute 'OR-impaired' search engines, but is also useful for generating filenames and feeding them to a mass-downloader.
Messageboards that mostly work (coz we made them ourselves)
Read and enjoy. But don't tap on the glass as it just annoys the animals

All our boards have been kindly programmed by ~Laurent~ the good Wizard

red  Currently used messageboards
  •    [~S~ Seekers' msgboard]  Board intended for SEARCHING RELATED MATTERS only. Here you will find companions if you want to wander along the most difficult paths when seeking signal among noise

  •    [The Literature Board] The most recent among "our" boards (since 2005). "Literature of interest" for seekers and reversers.
    Founded by ~S~ Ritz and ~S~ Kane.

  •    [Poetry and more (Ebenezer)]
    Some good seekers here, where +svd retired. Mostly "poetry / virtual relationships" oriented, though.

  • red Currently unused messageboards

  •    [Scrolls msgboard]  Our Scrolls board for Scrolls-related matters. Seldom used: could come handy the day we will restore the scrolls :-)
  •    [PHP msgboard]  Our old PHP board for PHP matters. ~DQ~ and ~Laurent~ will teach you wonders you'r not even supposed to understand.

 red  How to search our own messageboards :-)


Other friendly messageboards
Reversing software is a very noble activity for any gentleseeker and/or ladyseeker...

  • Reversing and more My old software reversing messageboards, once moderated by +Tsehp and now hosted by Woodmann and moderated by many good crackers (and by my friend Disavowed)

  • Direct link to good ole Woodmann's lair

  • IDA's msgbrd Ilfak & Pierre's present to all clever humans & reversers, The+Owl was a frequent guest there...

  • 'reteam': Reverse Engineering Team Younger ones indeed, but some of them *quite* capable

Other (slightly) seeking related Messageboards of interest
SEOs (search engines spammers) lairs

SEO: 'Search engines optimizers', that is how search engines' spammers love to call themselves.
We do our best to counter them, of course. Their job, aim and wicked pleasure is to clog search engines results pages (SERPs) with sites that SHOULD NOT BE RANKED ON THOSE FIRST POSITIONS at all.
They sell their snake oil crap to the zombies that don't understand a zilch of the web. Unfortunately even search engines that should know better, and that get spammed to no-end by these very clowns, like google, accept to link any spammers' snake oil promise if they pay enough money (see the advertisements on the right 'filty' side of google? It's just crap that clogs the web and shouldn't even be listed by a serious search engine).
SEOs spammers study actively all main search engines ranking algos in order to accomplish their dark deeds. Fortunately they fight against each other (slightly more 'ethical' and definitely more slimy spammers)... hence inside all this bickering (and even outside and in general) there is -often enough- something for seekers to learn from these (and many other) evil guys :-)


Here some capable spammers began long ago discussing, learning -and teaching- how to spam search engines for money... this notwithstanding it was, and at times still is, maybe, the best scattered bunch of free information on search engines algos that you could bump into on the whole web: commercial clowns... but with style and knowledge: they did -and sometime still do- deserve some (limited) respect.
This is now -alas- almost no more true. Their seeking knowledge is getting useless for real seekers, since it is more and more maniacally oriented into just spamming search engines algos, no matter how slimy the means (but they still resist even slimier approaches).

Places like Webmasterworld were once upon a time among the best and most interesting messageboard clusters, yet, as you will realise if you visit this sort of places, the tragedy is that they all see the web as a mere way to scrap some money, instead as a great opportunity for spreading information and knowledge. And they don't even realize that they lose thattaway.
Such an approach is always very shortsighted: in fact they do not understand that their own (relative) value was/is due to the fact that they spread information. And they do not realize that the very structure of the web works against this kind of approach. The web was made for sharing, not for hoarding, nor for selling. Making money out of little web-tricks is like building castles on sand and clay in front of the coming tide. It last as long as nobody looks...

Until recently there were (sometime there still are... that's the reason I still provide these links) a lot of little tiny gems buried among the boring commercial SEO crap. It's also great fun to see whole bunches of cloaking-happy lackeys just dance around and make meaningless noises whenever google's whips (rightly) hit them in the dollar groins.
This decadence is probably due to the fact that they had to endure internal divisions: some (a tag less 'unethical') SEOs left for good (see below) while a mob of the most heviest spammers decided to take control of the place (slowly turning it into utter meaninglessness):
http://www.searchengineworld.com/home.htm Haven for pro-SE spammers: main portal
http://www.searchengineworld.com/forum911/ Sub-board for evil spammers and assorted cloakers.

the "access-protections" routines for the above links can be bypassed with the usual tricks, but -as somebody wrote- "it is not much worth anymore checking such links: these spammers can only generate meaningless crap doorways and cloak them: it doesn't take much brain power to do this and there's nothing left to learn for searchers any more".

You'r probably better served -nowadays- visiting messageboards and blogs where "more ethical" spammers have taken refuge (the very name says it all: "best practices" search engines forum):


Best Practices Search Engine Forums
still people spamming search engines, yet in a 'more ethical' way. Since they fight against the slimest kind of SEOs, and since the slimest ones fight back, there is a lot of information flowing around such SEOs bickering, at times useful stuff as well, even if a seeker definitely has to pinch his nose quite often when wading through these commercial morasses.
dum bickerit,

More search engines spammers
(The quanity of people intent in clogging the web is actually as amazing as the resilience of knowledge spreading on the Internet)

  • [http://forum.searchengines.ru/]
    Russian webmasterworld (you need to know the language & slow loading)

  • [http://www.researchbuzz.com/]
    Researchbuzz: "Search Engine News and More Since 1998"

  • Nemo found another interesting SEO site: Marcia's [http://www.webmasterwoman.com/]
    It has a very interesting section: Search Engines, Information Retrieval and Resources.

  • [http://www.jimworld.com/apps/webmaster.forums/bin/Ultimate.cgi]
    Search Engine Marketing Forums: The Internet's Weapon of Mass Instruction
    (Minor SEO spammers, almost inexistent real info)

  • [http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/]
    "Search engine watch"
    A bunch of spammers and spammers protectors that simply 'love to charge for things'. Very limited info, but worth for the fun: visit these clowns during or short after a google dance and they will be all switched on hysterical mode.

  • [http://www.highrankings.com/forum/]
    "Helping sites to be the best they can be"
    Hypocrit bunch of spammers and snake oil sellers, some limited info, keep your nostrils tight when visiting.

  • [searchutilities.com/forum]
    Another bunch of (russian) "commercial oriented rankers". A few snippets of search engines related discussions, but very low traffic.
  • [searchutilities.com/engines]
    Searchutilities list of engines (part of the above)

  • [rankwrite's archives]
    Some interesting threads among showers of commercial crapness
  • [www.abondance.com]
    "Recherche d'information et référencement" ~ French commercial spammers' site

  • Anti-spyware, anti-banners and anti-popup links

    remobann.htm: My own -obsolete- removing banners section

    malware.htm: My own -obsolete- 'spywares' section

    http://cexx.org/main.htm: Counterexploitation: fight back against advertising (this has something in common with my own -obsolete- antiadvertisement section...)

    http://www.accs-net.com/hosts/what_is_hosts.html: Gorilla Design Studio: "What is the Hosts file?" (Faq)

    http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/: Andrew Clover's "find Unsolicited Commercial Software", adware, spyware & scumware galore.             
    http://www.geocities.com/yosponge/index.html: Sponge's Anti-Spyware Page For Novices and Experts Alike. A very good set of advices by Sponge: "If you want to learn how to easily protect yourself from hackers and spyware, get updates on the latest spyware and spyware blockers, or just want to learn about more about online dangers, you've come to the right place!"

    Privacy? What privacy? If you are using Microsoft explorer, which you should not, you can check your own "supercookie" right now (won't work if you'r using a good browser, as you should, duh).
    Proxomitron (& proxies) stuff

    Proxomitron can filter cookies, popups, advertisements, onload events and dynamic refreshes. You can adjust headers, change your user agent, and block referral information. Proxomitron is not really designed to filter anything specific, it just provide a means to filter both inbound and outbound browser data. Moreover its "Status/Log window" can be used for a variety of reasons :-)

    Proxomitron is available from many places and is Freeware. (Last version: Naoko 4.4: July 2002, you can download it also in my tools section.).

    http://www.geocities.com/u82011729/prox/index.html Paul Rupe's filters page
    (Paul is a Opera afecionado who will show you how to configure Proxomitron's filters :-)

    Oncle Faf goes inside proxomitron (June 2004), a very useful introduction by ~S~ Faf

    http://www.geocities.com/yosponge/default.txt: Sponge's deafult.cfg for the proxomitron.

    http://www.fravia.com/phplab/showclientheader.htm Check your header right now!
    Antispam links

    [http://www.turnstep.com/Spambot/index.html] Spambots beware... a great and very interesting site :-)

    Reversing Links
    (The lore of reversing)

    A great programmer of old and a clever philosoph of to-day

    More knowledge and sound information that you could have ever dreamed of! There are not many like him on the web. If you never visited Mammon, you'r in for a refreshing (and enlightening) surprise.

    A philosoph. Very active on the bot, anti-advertisement, javascript obscuring and -leat but not last- anti-banner/popups fronts!

    [David's tools at Byzantium]
    Obsolete list of useful tools
    [Matt Pietrek]
    A guru, a hero. A clever programmer. He did more for the "windows opensourcing" scene that many suspect.
    Mark Russinovich & Bryce Cogswell deserve a "reversing Nobel"

    Softwareversing (mighty) links
    (See also my software protecting links...)

    "For the older crackers are less interested in themselves than the younger ones, and better at getting inside other things. They are steadier, and keep their minds on things longer"

    +Greythorne]  ~  http://gthorne.reteam.org/  ~  [+Greythorne]
    Mighty link for softwareversers... an 'older one' and a friend of +ORC. A site where you could find much more than you can see :-)    +Greythorne is my web-twin: we reversed together under +ORC's guidance between 1995 and 1999 (when I gave up protections' reversing and closed my old site).
    He seems to have retired nowadays

    Mighty link for softwareversers and steganocrackers... an italian master cracker and a very capable bookwriter, famous in the scene for his intersting links, very useful for his perl scripts and cgis. +Malattia is a great soul (a patient and capable helper of the younger ones and a good friend of mine).
    He worked with reteam together with my friend littlejohn.
    A great and good spreader of softwareversing knowledge. No commercial banners, of course.
    Alternative link: http://www.woodmann.com/crackz/index.html, hosted by the great soul Woodmann.
    Mighty link for softwareversers... An italian must. Old cracker, with a site updated, full of data, tutorials and interesting links.
    Many fundamental lore presented in english
    The only slight glitches relate to beers matters, where this reverser -unfortunately- doesn't seem to reverse trends and weizenbier propaganda enough. (Of course we'r quite biased :-)

    "Nec scire fas est omnia" links
    (et ab hic et ab hoc)

    GNU's Not Unix!]: http://www.gnu.org/
    "Linux" does not exist: use always its real name: GNU/LINUX
    This is my friend [Richard Stallman] mighty contribution to a better world
    [Fyodor] Fyodor! (http://www.insecure.org/index.html)
    This is a link to follow, last but not least for searching purposes. Whatever you'r trying out on the Web, Fyodor's site is a real TREASURE for knowledge seekers!

    [Chaos Computer Club] you don't know what's the ccc? Be ashamed! (I held my workshop "Software reverse engineering: Beyond simple protection cracking" in Berlin @ their last summer camp... quite nice people, believe me)
    [http://www.slashdot.org/] Great readings for exploit oriented Seekers & Gentlemen

    [The Register] "Biting the hand that feeds IT" Useful, to say the least.
    [phrack]: http://www.phrack.com/main-index.html
    Because seekers need to know some of these paths
    [DaVinci graphics]
    You will learn how to use Photoshop using his good tutorials, moreover DaVinci, the greatest artist of the reversing scene, made an "award" for me long ago: if you wish you can read [this page]: davinc1.htm
    [Iczelion]: http://win32asm.cjb.net
    A wizard of the web: promotes programming Win32 programs using assembly language. His page contains tutorials, forum, links and other resources to help you start with Win32 assembly programming.
    [Encryption and Security-related Resources]: http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/links.html
    Peter Gutmann's worldfamous "security resource link farm", a huge (currently around 410K) collection of links to security and encryption products, companies, papers, conferences, e-commerce and digital cash, security and intelligence agencies, smart cards, digital certificates and CA's, standards and publications, security problems and holes, and anything else vaguely related to encryption and security. If you're looking for anything in this area, there's a fairly good chance you'll find a link to the solution there.
    [Tiny Apps]: http://win32asm.cjb.net
    Against windozian overbloatedness... a guide to 'very small software' for your PC. Most of the programs listed there are free of charge and for use under Windows.

    Software protecting (mighty) links
    (See also my software reversing links...)

    Vitas Ramanchauskas' site: [
    Some interesting techniques and original ideas
    Richard Fellner's "anti-crack tips" [http://inner-smile.com/nocrack.phtml]
    (part of these hints and tips have been taken from my site, but gracefully... :-)
    My own "how to protect better" section :-) [http://www.searchlores.org/protec/protec.htm]
    Well this section is like myself: old aber still of some use after all...
    my links page will be always in fieri, of course... Nil perpetuum, pauca diuturna sunt...
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