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My B/k/f/l/a/n/g/e/ /o/f/ /m/y/t/h easy to recall 'shortcuts compendium', 14 characters long, covers the main search engines, "time warp" and newsgroups searching (plus our own scrolls), linking directly to their advanced settings. Pass slowly your pointer on the letters above.

Flange: A flange is a metal collar attached to a wedge anchor bolt. When the nut on the bolt is tightened, the collar expands and creates tension within the concrete foundation anchoring the bolt into the concrete

Here the engines legenda:

 B Baidu
 k kartoo
 f fast
 l lycos
 a altavista
 n newsgroups
 g google
 e exite
  The 'Wayback' machine
 o our scrolls
 f ftpsearch
 m msnsearch
 y yahoo
 t teoma
 h hotbot

Bk:flange of myth    <- try it here in "natural" size!
HEY! On a 'hidden database' sidenote, the following 'scientific' definition:
bullet flange  [SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY] A projecting rim of an organism or mechanical part.
{ flanj }

is taken from McGraw-Hill's "Accessscience" dictionary at
Now, as you can see, if you try to browse back or forward to other pages of this dictionary, you may (depending on your firewall and browser settings) get the injunction to pay a curious thing called 'subscription rates'.
A classical typical sign in our seekers' semeiotics lore: you have landed smack in the middle of a 'hidden database', as I explain in my workshops.

As any seeker knows, however, if 'flange' dwells at http://accessscience.com/Dictionary/F/F12/DictF12.html, then it is more than probable that -say- 'search' will hover around http://accessscience.com/Dictionary/S/S11/DictS11.html... That's the simplest form of what we call the art of guessing.
My god, oh my! Whattaluck! It really dwells there 
bullet search  [COMPUTER SCIENCE] To seek a desired item or condition in a set of related or similar items or conditions, especially a sequentially organized or nonorganized set, rather than a multidimensional set.
[REVERSE ENGINEERING] To explore a region in software with softice.
[WEB NAVIGATION] An orderly arrangement of colored scrolls used in searching a mysterious area of the web.
{ search }

Bk:flange of myth    <- try it here in "natural" size!
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