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Maybe a better idea would be to learn how to use a real proxy... anyway if you use SEVERAL of the 'anonymizing' services below during a single surfing session (that is: avoid limiting yourself to one single anonymous service throughout the session!) you can puff some relatively effective "smoke" in order to cover your tracks.
Use oproxy for instance, then for the next link the cloack , then for the next one the anonymizer ... your traces will be quite scattered around, you pseudo-anonymous seeker...
Anonykid has prepared some useful proxy-chaining forms , that you will be well advised to study and use. Still, please, ALWAYS remember than in a world of malwares and rootkits there's no real guarantee of anonimity if you use toy operating systems like windows. So if you are serious about (trying to reach) anonymity, do yourself a favour: move to linux.

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Some 'pseudo-anonymous' tricks are used to 'confuse' or 'smoke' the loggings on the servers: you use a bot designed to provide a specific service (translating, transforming code, snooping surfers, in order to 'grab' a page without directly accessing it.
De facto, grabber bots, translation bots and akamai bots should always be coupled with the obscuration arts in order to get past censorship software or snoopy system administrators...

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Anonymous surfing through anonymizers

How often you need these addresses when you're browsing from an alien computer!

Some good beef (0xDEAD BEEF :-)

The most famous one
Example string:
Another one
(Full of crap-ads)
Good and quick anonymizer.
Gregor Samsa pointed out the interesting difference between (google books)
and (google books anonymized)

Here an example string:
Proxify is a web-based anonymous proxy service which uses encryption to provide a secure connection through an otherwise insecure network, anywhere on the Internet. Through an encrypted proxy connection, an individual's communications cannot be uniquely identified or tracked.
Example string:
The German anonymouse entrance to
Has some crap-ads
Example string:
The CLOAK "You also understand that this service may not provide a 100% guarantee of privacy and anonymity"
Example string:
This is a good anonymizer WITH IMAGES.
"Why should I use SafeLizard instead of some other proxy? Unlike standard "open proxies", SafeLizard requires no special browser configuration. And unlike many proxies, cgi based or conventional, SafeLizard allows the HTTP Form Post method, which means that many websites that require logins will work with SafeLizard that will not work with the majority of free proxies. Finally, unless abuse becomes a problem, SafeLizard will also allow file downloads, whereas many proxies do not."
Has quite annoying crap-ads, though.

A huge bag of proxyes you can try out
in order to get past pesky urls or ip based filters

(Verry usefull to bypass targeted bureaucratic censorship :-) myspacewaiter

Anonymous surfing through other services :-)

akamai  translators   Corto's bag of tricks   Corto's bag (more)


Don't forget pseudo-anonymity through any valid akamai string like

or (don't forget the last slash) or: or:  or, even more funny, combining the SECOND part of the previous codes (for instance /7/868/2278/5c3af7f6e7421a/) with the first part of any of any of the thousand akamai servers that you'll find on any "Number of Requests to all sites accessed by Server", like the one at Taiwan university (in this case for instance This means that ANY akamai server will do the trick with any 'valid' code combination, eheh :-) and so on, you may also search on hotbot for valid akamai strings, but may be it is not even necessary: we can make them out! :-)
Let's see if a completely FAKED akamai server would do the trick: Yep! It works: I didn't even know that they had a 1952 server, I just made it up and tried. Time to develop a rotating script that uses akamai servers for pseudo-anonymity and obscuration purposes!
Interesting enough, most of the data can be changed: let's see if this works substituting 5c3af7f6e7421a with fravia:
It does work indeed, how elegant! Let's try this one substituting 2278 with 1111:
It does work indeed, how nice! Let's try this one substituting 868 with 111:
Yep! And may we also substitute 7 with 1?
Invalid URL! But we may substitute 7 with 2!
Yep! And can we reduce 1111 to 1?
Invalid URL! Let's try changing 1111 with 9999!
Yep! So we can use the palette 1111-9999

Therefore, this is the valid string in order to 'akamaobscure' your target URL:   

Where XXXX is any number you may think of and whatever is any message or greeting you want to plant on akamai loggings :-)


And don't forget pseudo-anonymity through any TRANSLATION service either :-)

For instance Altavista's Babelfish: choose a translation from any language that DOES NOT EXIST on your target page and you'll of course keep the existing linguistic version you actually targeted :-)

Another alternative could be Lycos:
As I said above...
<political 'uncorrectness' now on>
...always try to choose with such translation proxies 'useless' languages... for instance in the example below I have purposedly chosen french to dutch... a good choice, almost nobody speaks those godforsaken languages any more sauf -maybe- in France, Belgium, and Holland (3 small countries inside the European Union :-)
...therefore chances are that you will keep the original target page in its integrity without any corruption, quod erat demonstrandum: a quick 'translation' anonymizer that works...
<political 'uncorrectnes' now off>
Also please note the 'akamai' snippet inside some results' strings... 'malware' server responses...

Another good service is the recent 'translation feature' by Google. This feature is currently available for pages published in Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

The snippet below has been taken by a contribution to the [~S~ Seekers' msgboard] made by DQ in April 2001:

Another "legal" proxy system. Enjoy!
The translating system of google is really wonderful. You can use it as a proxy too. Especially if you're forced to use castrated internet cafes like easyeverything, which deny access to good sites for some strange reasons :-(

All you need to do is to paste this snippet in front of your target page:
The next link accesses the anonymity page of the php lab:

Wanna see the same page in spanish?

Here is the source html code for a form based web proxy like the one you can find below, so that you can INTEGRATE it to your own pages... AHAHA! Eat dirt, sysads and grepping snoopers of the corporate world! :-)
<title>Web based proxy (google's translate system)</title>
<body bgcolor="#C0C0C0">
<h1>Web based proxy (google's translate system)</h1>
<form action="">
Choose a language
<select name="hl" size=1>
<option value="en" selected>English
<option value="fr">French
<option value="de">German
<option value="it">Italian
<option value="pt">Portuguese
<option value="es">Spanish
Choose a website you want to see translated
<input type="text" size="60" name="u" value="">
<input type=submit value="Fetch page">

Another good use - Fetching images through google's translating system

Let's say you're within a corporate network and you need to show around that wonderful lady resting on a couch. What can you do? You can prepend the aforementioned url. Try it...
<a href=""> it works :-)
If you check the html sources, you will see that only references of the kind <a href="..."> are rewritten, images are still loaded from the original site, through unchanged relative references in <img...> and a new <base...> tag at the beginning of the rewritten page.

Background information about the translate service is on the google site

  Written by DQ(ALT+64)

Some pseudoanonymous relocators, from Corto's bag of web-tricks:
"como el cartero siempre llama dos veces y aunque solo sea por incrementar la lista de tonterias que te remito, te envio dos mas en las que ademas de su finalidad primera le encontraras otras, (sobre todo si las relacionas con phpab's showclientheader o checker cyberarmy )"

Do not forget to check also Corto's: da bag is not empty, yet
(Useful ways to look for anonymizers) ~ March 2002

First trick:
Please fetch for me the following webpage

as text with footnotes.
as html with footnotes.

Second trick: txt2html

Visit this good page!

Second trick, txt2html, with pseudoanonymity trough akamai: txt2html
As it is, akamai-redirections do not work anymore (Autumn 2002) without a further redirection :-)

Visit this good page!

Another Trick: "tematicos": pseudoanonymity trough "bobby":


direct (chain):

direct (form, scroll down when you are there):

Web based proxy (google's translate system)
Try it right now and see what the sites you will visit will get... eheh
Choose a language

Choose a website you want to see translated

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