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Daylight at the moment

Are the yankees awake? (now, let's see... why would this be important when surfing? :-)

Small Seekers' "Daylight at the moment" javascript

More "daylight at the moment" thingies:

[]: Great Circle Studio's SunMap

[]: Scroll down for date, Image courtesy of Tim Osborn's sunclock

Flatplanet! (click on 'complex' and gasp in awe)

WEATHER (at the moment and long ago)

Weather at the moment

Whole world (images change every six hours, courtesy of
Click to enlarge specific areas...
World satellite South America infrared North America infrared Europe infrared Africa infrared Asia infrared Australasia infrared

Weather in Europe now:

Weather in the States now:

Weather in Asia now:

Weather long ago

"Ah!"- An inconsiderate reader uttered... -"but what if I want to know how was the weather, say, three years ago in some place?"
-"Tell me about the 3 December 1998, for instance... was it cold in Berlin?"

Easy: Never underestimate the awesome MIGHT of the web: T'was pretty cold indeed: -7 ~ -4 Celsius...

Note how the query is composed:
"EDDI" is here the ICAO code for Tempelhof, the city airport in berlin... should you want, instead, the weather for Paris (Orly) you would use LFPO, for Brussels, you would use EBBR and so on.
You will find all possible (ICAO) airport codes here...

Here the "weather long ago" search mask:
(KCQT is Losangeles downtown... change with a different three (IATA) or four (ICAO) letters airport code)

BTW: this above is also at the same time a terrific tool to seriously examine and study those awful clima changements, due to the idiotical consumistic and industrial patterns of our societies, that everyone nowadays can see and that only idiots, american presidents and criminals still (try to) deny

Where people live

This is useful for ALL Europe (but works best for central and north european countries): just input street, town and country :-)
The same in english:
Check also the ad hoc stalking section peoplesearch

Internet traffic

Rating (1-100, the more the better) updated every 15 minutes. At times it is useful to know if it's your ISP or just "the web" that's slowing things down.

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How often you need this! (Look at the source, Luke!)
[] (Special Characters and Accents)
[] (iso 8859-1...   galore)
[] (dos commands galore)
[colocode.htm] (web-safe color codes)
[nicecolo.htm] (web-unsafe but nice color codes)
[safecolopicker.htm] (web safe colors, javascript created)
[compantone_color_chart.htm] (pantone colors correspondances)

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