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What are all the million lusers out there searching for? Watch it: there is not much to learn here, I am afraid, if not that humanity has still a long way to go... "porn movies" and "sex videos" being a real hit... sex rules, and warez and mp3 are close behind... note that idiots misspell many searchqueries, often enough, with the ususal phonetic misspelling patterns. As an example, the recent "top query" for "nostradamus" presented following variants:
1.  Nostradomus 2.  Nostrodamus 3.  Nostradamas 4.  Nostradamos 5.  Nostradomas 6.  Nastradamus 7.  Nostradamous 8.  Notradamus 9.  Nostradomis 10. Nostradamis 11. Nostredamus 12. Nostadamus 13. Nostrodamas 14. Nostra Damus 15. Nostrdamus 16. Nostradumus 17. Nostrodomis 18. Nostrodamos 19. Nostradameus 20. Nostradmus

You may wonder why searchers should be interested in the "what people are searching for" kind of lore. Well, not only in order to find the Qxapoiu kind of stuff :-)
Mainly for a couple of more or less useful reasons:
1. in order to understand that 99% of the zombies use JUST ONE (and simple, and often enough misspelled) queryword. Of course search engines portals take advantage of that... you may take steps in the same direction... try the following link, that will bring you to yahoo's main portal, and you'll understand what I mean: the search field is drowned among irrelevant noise (the contrary of google and the very reason google triumphed). The point, as always in advertisement, is to deliver to the user SOMETHING HE DOES NOT NEED AT ALL.
2. in order to learn HOW TO SEARCH IN OTHER LANGUAGES, for instance using 'the regional voyeurs, below, you may learn some useful international 'target-related' search terminology :-)
3. to keep some sort of contact with the advertisement-compelled wishes (and phantoms) of this barbie-world around us... where we too have -unfortunately- to live and work :-)
4. A (rather sad) caveat: During the last two years many among the facilities and tools listed below, tools that allowed anyone to check EXACTLY what other people where searching for have been killed or silenced by the commercial idiots that own the search engines.
The reason is either utter incompetence (it's the case of the Yahoo owners of alltheweb/fast) or, also, that there's at times a lot to learn from a well constructed query. And the very reason these search engines all exist is NOT, of course, to allow you to search the web, it is to know WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR. Huge databases of people searches are thus compiled, grepped and commercially exploited by and for the search engines owners and the (relatively rare) "jewels" (particularly effective querystrings) are to be used internally, and not to be given to the masses for free.
So you will seldom be able to find, or automatically grep, queries like the following one, extracting them from the search engines themselves, in real time:
+("ftp://" OR "http://") +("*.zip" OR "*.exe" OR "*.rar") -link group:*crack* OR group:*fido7* OR group:*2600*
This is just a simple example of the power of "OR" in google, but as you may easily imagine, countless other examples await, or rather 'would have awaited' the patient seeker's bots.
The ironical aspect is that anyone with a little money (or a little skill) can still fetch this kind of info through his own servers and providers (or somebody else's), intercepting and grepping the packets to -say- google... so the only people "shut off" from these tidbits of knowledge are normal, everyday internet users.

~ What zombies search for ~
(look at their queries & gasp in awe at the evil power of advertising)

Remember that you can also find "what people do search for" simply using the main search engines: here, for instance, some teoma searches as listed by google

the last 10 queries performed on AlltheWeb/fast   

This used to be a very useful feature provided at http://www.alltheweb.com/recentqueries, but after yahoo bought alltheweb/fast the commercial idiots have killed it.

MetaCrawler MetaSpy   

Remains among the most useful tools to explore what people are really searching for.
The "unfiltered" part is at times quite great fun and will give any average seeker a feeling of omnipotence :-)

Filtered: http://www.metaspy.com/info.metac.spy/metaspy/filtered.htm
Unfiltered: [http://www.metaspy.com/info.metac.spy/metaspy/unfiltered.htm]

Ask Jeeves Peek Through The Keyhole   
Was at http://www.askjeeves.com/docs/peek/ but they killed it, the commercial idiots.
Now they offer only a miserable http://sp.ask.com/docs/about/jeevesiq.html, colelction of "top" searches during recent weeks/months, absolutely useless and just copied from google's zeitgeist

Note that google exludes all "adult" searches from this page, despite the fact that such queries are quite frequent, and that hey don't mention this at all on the zeitgeist page itself (nor elsewhere).

SavvySearch SavvySnoop (unfiltered)   
http://www.savvysearch.com/snoop?filter=off Was killed as well: it is now http://www.search.com/, completely useless commercial crap.

Was suchen andere Dino-Besucher?
This works, but it's in German (mostly).

Kanoodle Search Spy   
Was at http://www.kanoodle.com/spy/spy.cool, but they killed it.
Kanoodle is an inktomi powered, average to poor, commercial engine.

The Galaxy StarGazer - Voyeur Search    Direct: [http://www.galaxy.com/info/voyeur.html]
This works. Turn images off (just hit "G" in opera) and enjoy the pop up and the results without the commercial crap.

Was at http://www.filedemon.com/demonspy/demonspy.html. Killed.

Sycast ticket   
Was at http://sycast.com/search/keyview.shtml. Killed

Magellan Search Voyeur   
Was at http://voyeur.mckinley.com/cgi-bin/voyeur.cgi. Magellan does not exit anymore at all: http://magellan.mckinley.com/

WebCrawler Search Voyeur:   
http://www.webcrawler.com/voyeur_wc. Killed. Has now only a "popular searches" useless feature.

Splatsearch (searchspy.cgi)    [http://www.splatsearch.com/cgi-bin/searchspy.cgi]
This works. Mostly in english. Click in order to refresh.

Infotiger (voyeur.html)    [http://www.infotiger.com/voyeur.html?filter=no]
This works. Mostly in english. You'll be able -relatively often- to see some simple two/three words queries.

Seekdrive (livequeries.php)    [http://www.seekdrive.com/livequeries.php]
This works. Mostly in english. Page will refresh every 10 seconds.

Oznetwork (Australia)    [http://search.oznetwork.com.au/cgi-bin/search/hsx.cgi?show=recent_hits]
This works. Mostly in english. Quite interesting -and different- approach: shows "Last Sites Visited".

Ilectric (logs.shtlm)    [http://ilectric.com/logs.shtml]
This works. Left as last one, because they seem to be proud to censor searches.
~ REGIONAL voyeurs ~
( just some examples: there are many more around)

Fireball LiveSuche    [http://www.fireball.de/livesuche/index.html]
This works. Mostly in german.

Abacho LiveSuche    [http://livesuche.abacho.de/]
This works. Mostly in german. It counts the occurrencies as well.

Il trovatore (spy.cgi)    [http://search.iltrovatore.it/cgi-bin/spy.cgi]
This works. Mostly in italian.

Sharelook (it_spion)    [http://www.sharelook.it/sldb/SLDB_db.php?template=it_spion]
This works. Mostly in italian.

Sygol (Frasi_asp)    [http://www.sygol.com/T/Frasi.asp]
This works. Mostly in italian.

Caraygaray (voyeur.html)    [http://www.caraygaray.com/z/voyeur.html]
This works. Argentinian s.e., Mostly in spanish.

Dipbox (spy2.shtml)    [http://www.dipbox.com/spy2.shtml]
This works. Mostly in french.

Vidnen (zoekspion)    [ http://zoek.vinden.nl/zoekspion/]
This works. Mostly in dutch.
~ TOP searches lists ~
(yep we live in a world of zombies)

Lycos Top 50    [http://50.lycos.com/]
50 good reasons to eliminate humans from this planet :-(

Wordtracker    [http://www.wordtracker.com/]
commercial oriented service, provides list of top-searched terms, look at the scrolling crap "ticker" at he top of the page

Mall-Net Keyword Reports    [http://www.mall-net.com/se_report/]
commercial oriented as well, but with some interesting data (lair of an older one). Scroll down once there.

~ Yandex's last 20 ~
(just an example of a regional searching help)

Yandex's last 20   
Was at http://www.yandex.ru/last20.html. Does not work anymore.
Was very useful to learn some useful russki 'target-related' terminology...

~ Zeitgeist ~  (google's and others)

Google's Zeitgeist   (Search patterns, trends, and surprises... according to Google)

Yahoo's alternative...

Altavista's alternative...
Was at http://www.altavista.com/web/real_searches. Does not work anymore.

AOL's alternative...
http://hot.aol.com/hot/hot Identify as MSIE crap (just hit "F12" in opera): they wont let you through if you use a decent browser.

~ The Clear Scroll of Clairvoyance ~
See? We laugh at ourselves...

Our own php-powered (Laurent-powered) "Live search" display!
[~ The Clear Scroll of Clairvoyance ~]    
by Laurent, July 2001
"Yep, to know what other are searching for may be most useful at times"
part of the [scroll room] and of the [PHP Lab]

~ Our own searches ~

by Laurent, September 2001 This is what people were looking for @ fravia's long ago... Just an example of a script anyone can make for his own server.

~ Other related stuff ~

http://searchrequests.weblogger.com/: Disturbing Search Requests What's in your referrer logs?
Disturbing Search Requests
"how to kill your neighbors tree" and "What are the 24 different types of porcupines in the world?" kind of stuff :-)

http://7search.com/scripts/advertiser/sample_get.asp?keyword_db=: 7Search.com Advertiser Tools, for once a VERY USEFUL tool. Has a mask where you can enter a keyword to view most popular searches during a given prevous month that contained this keyword.

Very useful.

You can also enter multiple keywords in another ad hoc field.

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