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My main "fortress" (i.e. the site I personally update and regularly check) sits on some of my friend Luc's GNU/Linux servers in Switzerland, where since a couple of years both http://www.searchlores.org and http://www.fravia.com resolve to.

Switzerland being a very fine, neutral and (generally) freedom loving land, I hope to remain undisturbed on these servers for a long time (non convalescit planta quae saepius transfertur), but I'll redirect at once all my domains if needs be, so simply use http://www.searchlores.org or http://www.fravia.com if you wish to link to the stuff I publish.

Note also that my older fravia.org does not resolve any more to any site of mine: that glorious domain, and also another domain: http://www.searchlore.org (note the missing "s") have been stolen by the usual dubious clowns. Others have opened an (almost) homonym "com" site and/or similar sounding sites in the hope to attract some zombies (good riddance).
I couldn't care less. "Domains' snatching" is a well known web aleat for the commercial morons, but has no meaning for us: "links" do not matter at all once you know how to search the web.
Dominii volant, scripta manent: Searchers will always be able to find us and what we write, no matter where it will appear, and all the others (i.e.: "non searchers") do not count.

Other friends provide valuable mirrors, that could come handy even if most of them (with DQ's and Woodman's notable exceptions) are NOT updated very frequently (this of course doesn't matter very much now, while I'm wondering if I'll be dead before the expiration date of my tangerines marmalade :-) Check them, and if they are quicker/better for your geographical location do USE THEM instead: don't worry (too much) about "freshness": the ideas and knowledge you'll find on sites like mine take several years to become obsolete :-)
Of course there are also several 'unofficial' "one-shot" mirrors, for instance Daniel's Benzedrine's (racemic amphetamine sulfate) at http://www.benzedrine.cx/mirror/fravia/htm/ (updated in 2001 :-), or http://tor.at/resources/computer/net/internet/www/search/www.searchlores.org/index.html (updated more than 3 years ago :-)

As a matter of fact there's something to learn there as well... in fact, as you'll discover, on the web 'unofficial' mirrors may actually be quite interesting for simple stalking purposes: such servers, being often somehow -err, ahem- more 'careless', could allow you some access possibilities to "non officially linked" single pages or even listings of directories, or files, or documents you may wish to peruse... :-)

Also you can of course always check the evolution and development over time of a given site (mine included) consulting either the web archives for a specific page or any good search engine with a good cache.

Well, that is it! All other occurrences of my pages and/or their content around the web are just "ripped of" and/or "one shot teleported" copies of my site.
(And before you ask, yes: on my site too there is some content taken from other web sites, of course. That's the very raison d'être of the Web. But when I do take something from elsewhere I always try to go to great lengths to give due kudos to the real Authors).

One last caveat: anyone can mirror (it would be correct to ask before, though), but I will NOT accept anyone putting advertisements or popups on my pages. A squad of rather expert "pingofdeath" bringers (the same that brought my old site to its knees in 1998, now converted to the light :-) might in that case kick in, so please avoid it for your own sake...
This said, no one can check the whole web alone. Please report to me any 'weird' occurrence of my site you may have found on this strange copycatting void that we call Internet :-)

Last but not least, a small present to all those impatient & restless souls
that want to have a zipped file with (almost) all searchlores...
83 mega, so be warned... mirrored zipped searchlores with images (courtesy of DQ)

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