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Please try to excuse my patronising tone, here and elsewhere.
I know that it can be - together with the latin snippets - irritating and pompous.
Unfortunately I do not seem able to correct this defect of mine.

If you want to help, you can. However you don't need to.

[Ab amicis honesta petamus]

 My previous experiences on the web have sadly convinced me that feedback is almost always useless. The immense quantity of zombies annoying you with selfish requests is in no relation whatsoever with the few interesting contribution crumbs one can hope to receive.
There are exceptions, though, and for that reason I'll still give it a try: Like all sites offering knowledge for free, my site needs your contributions and your knowledge to develop and ameliorate. For "contribution", read not money, which is irrelevant to me, but knowledge. Building on each other's shoulders we will eventually be able to reach higher levels and to send a couple of interesting "snowballs of ours" down the webhill.

 That's the reason I would like those of you that have enjoyed the knowledge found on my site to (try to) contribute with your own experiences, lists of querystrings or simple observations... if you reckon you found something valuable on my site, that is. If you do contribute, then others will be able to use your knowledge to progress even further: some other readers will contribute as well, thus helping others - as always - we'll all help ourselves.

Of course you don't need to help nor to contribute in order to enjoy this site. You may just leech everything you'll find here at leisure!
Should you prefer to do so, just go back to the [basic page], browse along and enjoy. Farewell.

On the other hand, if you wish to help me, read further.

  You may help me if you:
  1. point out any factual or linguistic mistake I have made; All constructive critics are PARTICULARLY welcome;
  2. send me any interesting essay of yours about advanced searching, I'll edit if needed and -of course- give you full recognition (don't forget to use a working email address for the feedback you will receive once published);
  3. link to my sites or to the parts of my sites that you deem useful, but of course only if you really deem you found something useful (links without comments are useless);
  4. call my attention on broken links, incoherences, searching tools or stuff I haven't located or I'm not aware of and/or webcopycats that have ripped off my site in order to make money with the stuff I published - which is and should always remain completely free.

Some rare readers may even be able to offer a special help.

Special help: Donors & university teachers

 Donors (i.e. people with money a-plenty, not sponsors, I hate sponsors) may any time send me enough money to allow me to leave my real life job for a couple of years in order to dedicate all my time to this endeavour. I would love this, but I have three kids and there's no way I could do it without very sound financial support.
See: there is no advertisement, no sponsoring, no 'banner to click' on my site: since I have chosen -purposely- NOT to prostitute it, and notwithstanding the help of the many friends that are hosting for free my sites, especially Luc, in Switzerland, and all the people hosting my mirrors (Forseti, Crazyboy, Luca, Nit...), I'm actually still losing money with all this, just for the sake of it. So, by all means, if you have half a million spare euros, or such stuff, send them over!
I can guarantee you that they will be used correctly -certainly not wasted- and that we will create workplaces and beautiful and useful projects for many young talented reversers :-)

Should you wish to send me small amounts of money (as many readers have signalled), please note that I do NOT need nor want that. Send money instead to the [free software foundation] of my [friend] Richard Stallman. You will thus be both thanking me and doing something really useful at the same time :-)

 If you are a University teacher or director and are able to influence and/or organize workshops and/or conferences in your university, consider the possibility of inviting me (though due to my illness I cannot always guarantee my presence nowadays).

My workshops and seminars have always been free for universities and public educational institutes (I just request reimbursement for my travel and accomodation costs).
Note that European Union Universities have always scheduling priority.
I can conduct -and have conducted- workshops and courses in English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish or Italian.

Here you'll be able to peruse some examples of some searching-related workshops I have held.  To obtain additional information concerning content and level of my workshops and seminars, just [contact me]. Yet, as a rule of thumb, contents are related to the web-savvyness of the participants: if people don't seem to understand a zilch we used to delve on the main search engines features and examine simple combing techniques, if the participants are web-savvy enough we used to examine bot-writing (or [scrolls] writing) and other more -ahem- powerful approaches for 'algos & tools' reversing...

Who I am

From software reversing to advanced web-searching: Old lore for a new science!

  Quite a boring history actually, click on the links below only if you really want to read them. The reason for this "biography" (sort of) is that, as all searchers know, evaluating what you find on the web depends also from the "value" of the source you have found. And the value of a source depends a lot from its Author and his real qualifications.

[Fravia_Who]    [Fravia_Where]

Where and how to write

Before emailing me, make yourself a favour: read the mother of all faqs (How To Ask Questions The Smart Way)

Where to write
  ("sensitive" stuff)       or/and         ("non sensitive" stuff)

How to write
Use always personalized LONG subjects! My filters will throw away emails without subject or with generic subjects like "I thought you were interested in..." or "Re: Why did you not answer..." or "Hi, this is from Bert", since such tricks are frequently used by the beasty idiot spammers (might all spammers die pancaked by a heavy truck, and if possible together with their most beloved ones).
At least put 'personalized' terms like "searchlores" or "a question about advanced searching" or something specifically searching-related, in your subjects ...even better: use for your (long) subject something that a spammer's bot would not (yet) be able to imitate, like the "proverb of the day"...

If you want to make sure your email will reach me, simply use as subject the french proverb of the day: (just cut and paste the blue proverb's text)

Alternatively c°ntact my searchl°rean mates instead:

laurent(_at_)searchlõres(_p°!nt õr d°t_) NOT com but instead õrg
dq(_at_)searchlõres (_p°!nt õr d°t_) NOT com but instead õrg

Or, even better: dq(_at_)lõres (_p°!nt õr d°t_) NOT com but instead eu

Note also that DQ will be, together with others, in charge of my search sites as "Conductor" as soon as I won't be there any more :-|

Hey, the following is *not only* for truly sensitive matters, let's PGP (or, even better: Gnu/PGP) everything, in order to learn it, just for fun and maybe also to annoy a little all those sniffing echelonian clowns...
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Disclaimer of liability
and further legal mumbo-jumbo

I do disclaim thee, oh Liability!

All information provided on my pages must not be duplicated or reproduced without express written permission by the operator of this web site (that's me, duh).
All trademarks and copyrights belong to the respective holders, so be it.
Everything I wrote is licensed to anyone under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.
Note however that the information provided on my pages should only be used for academic purposes and must not be used to really and concretely infringe the copyrights (or any other legal rights) of any company, organisation, government or legal entity.

Please also note that I keep the outmost distance from all contents of all pages linked from my sites.

The information provided on my pages must in particular not be used to engage in any illegal activity, even if you think it isn't illegal. Check, given the fact that Legality and Illegality have anyway mostly nothing to do with common sense.

On the other hand I reckon you may use the information provided on my pages to FIGHT AGAINST any illegal activity, be it performed by private parties or by one of the aforementioned companies, organizations, governments or legal entities :-)

Please take note of the fact that any and all instructions, hints and tips are provided as-they-are and are not supported, neither by third parties, nor by any software producer I know of, nor by the owners or operators of this web site, nor by anyone else for that matter. 

Finally, I am of course aware of the limits and incompleteness of all solutions, techniques, hints and advice proposed here. For crying out loud, this is all fairly new stuff, we don't even have an established terminology for this field, what the hell d'you pretend?

  Read the fine print ~ Hear the fine print  

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This site guaranteed 100% frames and advertisement free, made with full-recyclable electrons, respects all directives of the European Union regarding environment, please don't litter. Anyone wishing to use the contents of my site for profit purposes should contact the Editor. Permission will not be granted anyway :-)

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Stat sua cuique dies: breve et irreparabile tempus
Omnibus es vitae: sed famam extendere factis,
Hoc virtutis opus.

Alas! Counting hours you also realize that:
Vulnerant omnia, ultima necat :-(
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Hostile environments for email address gathering spiders

[hostile environment] for email address gathering spiders :-)
[feast here, bug!] (furfur corduroyed cubangle stertor germanely semidestructive Angraecum byssine marshlocks capful tenrec Sillery insulize)
[harvesters honeypot] (To make the addresses look a little less random they are composed from letters chosen so they approximate their frequency in English text.)

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