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Advanced file repository searching
Working strings
Statistics and masks


March/2009: Added ~S~ Kane's new essay: kane_how_2_host.htm: How to Host Files on Free Services

April/2008: The "files repositories" section, originally begonnen by fravia+ and Kane, has been revamped by Mariuolo, who has updated the list and added two search masks, allowing direct google and yahoo searches. As he notes (& readers should take duly note): "generally when you search for file sharing, Yahoo is better".

Introduction (by Fravia+)
Have files repositories, will travel

Filesharing services are proliferating like mushrooms after a rainy day! The reasons are very simple: first of all people download more and more en masse "patently" illegal patented files, thus allowing such services to scrape money from obsessed download-junkies that don't know how easy -and generally very useful- it is to use good proxies and bypass these sites' own limitations to their completely free downloading services... the "bait" they need in order to keep themselves afloat. In fact there are even some recent file sharing services, like ifile.it, that have chosen an "almost completely free" model in order to establish themselves on such a crowded boxing ring: no limitations for users' downloads whatsoever.
But there is an even more compelling reason attracting the commercial-oriented crows: have a look at the most visited sites on the web (Netcraft's "topsites") and you'll see that (March 2009) rapidshare occupies the astoundishing 14th place, and is thus one of the most trafficked non-google and non-US sites of the whole web, while megaupload follows at the 28th place!
This kind of success of course stimulated and stimulates all the infinite copycatting fileshare services that have flooded the web.

Such developments not only bode well for anyone that wants to find digitized content but also clearly demonstrate how silly and petty are all attempts to put onto users the burden of lesa patentate culpability.
Who said that dealing in copyrighted stuff doesn't pay? :-)

A "market", this holy tenet and fetish of our societies, is after all nothing else than one (or more) individual demanding a good or a service and another (or more) individual willing to provide that very good or service. Which can be anything: a deadly weapon, a lethal drug, a body organ forcefully extraced from a third world kid, a young girl's body or a killing spree. Patented files are -if I might dare saying it- just a tiny minor drop of the chill awful commercial swamp where we are drowning.

Advanced file repository
A collection of strings for the (rapid)share oriented seekers
(by Mariuolo, 1st published in April 2008)

Working strings   |   Statistics and masks

Surely peer-to-peer is a very useful resource, expecially for an average user who has no time or searching skill, or is too lazy to find his targets in an other way. But, in my opinion, P2P has a lot of disadvantages and I use it only as a last chance: it is slow, sometimes require several days for downloading and you are never sure of what sort of material you obtain. Moreover, censors and politicians apply the equation peer2peer=enemy and focus their stupid wars against emule oriented users. So, a very good alternative are file hosting server à la rapidshare, megaupload and so on. Infact with the right webbit, you can find whatever you want: music, movies, software, books, and also nice places like blogs or forum to start for a new search.

Of course you can (and should) avoid those javascript countdowns or IP checks renewing your dinamic IP. Alternatively, if you are behind a firewall at work, you can use a web proxy or (crap) services like this.
Anyway, in the table below, I've collected several strings you could use to query your preferred search engine. You may use such a string joining the name you are looking for:
e.g. +"4shared.com/dir/" +"purple rain" .

At the bottom of the page you'll also find two ready-to-use forms in order to select the high-recall (90%) repository services either using Google or Yahoo. Enjoy!

Working Strings:
"http:// * mytempdir.com/"
"jabello.com/download * id="
"zupload.com/download * file="
"http:// * axifile.com/"
"http:// * cocoshare.cc"
"http:// * easy-share.com/"
"http:// * egoshare.com/"
"http:// * filefront.com"
"http:// * flyupload.com"
"http:// * ftpz.us/"
"http:// * gigasize.com/get"
"http:// * mediafire.com/"
"http:// * MegaShare.com/"
"http:// * megashares.com"
"http:// * putfile.com/"
"http:// * ripway.com/"
"http:// * rogepost.com/"
"http:// * sendmefile.com/"
"http:// * speedyshare.com/"
"http:// * uploading.com"
"http:// * uploadyourfiles.de/"
"http:// * urlcash.net"
"http:// * webfile.ru/"
"http:// * yourfilehost.com/"
"http:// * zippyvideos.com/"
"http://download * come2store.com/"
"miniuploads.com/download * id="
"mooload.com/file * file=files"
"us.archive.org" +items

Statistics and masks
(Take it cum grano salis eh!)

Which is the "best" search engine for this kind of matters? Google or Yahoo?. I've seen it is very difficult obtain a trusted value because both Google and Yahoo claim always a lot of results (probably faked) and often they change day by day.
Anyway appending "&safe=off&sa=N&filter=0&start=990" on Google url and "&dups=1&b=900" on Yahoo, and testing all the strings above in both Search engines, I've obtained this:

1) For 141 queries (listed in the table), only 32 are mastered by Google, 7 giving more or less the same results, while the other 102 queries give more results with Yahoo. So: generally when you search for file sharing, Yahoo is better.

2) Either with Google and yahoo, the 90% of the total results are obtained with about 'only' 20 different hosting server. Therefore you could as well forget the others and, using directly the top twenty, you'll probably (or surely) find your target.

Here the forms with the 'high recall' hosting server. Type your target, choose your preference and enjoy. Ciao.

Google's High Recall (90%)
 Megaupload  Badongo  Depositfiles  4Shared  Rapidshare.com  Filefactory  Zshare  Gigasize  4Filehosting  Rapidshare.de  Turboupload  Uploaded  Sendspace  Savefile  Mediafire  Divshare  Yousendit  Archive

Yahoo!'s High Recall (90%)
 Megaupload  Badongo  Depositfiles  4Shared  Rapidshare.com  Filefactory  Zshare  Filefront  Putfile  Rapidshare.de  Easy-Share  Uploaded  Fyad  Savefile  Mediafire  Divshare  Yousendit 1  Live-share  Ripway  Speedyshare  Yousendit 2  Uploading

Mariuolo, april 2008

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