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[lore: collective knowledge
or learning on a particular subject]

ackkstp_1_8_04_Fritz_Alexander_Von_Iannecke [Begin here!!]
ackkstp_1_8_04_Fritz_Alexander_Von_Iannecke [Tutti all'opera!] 
ackkstp_1_8_04_Fritz_Alexander_Von_Iannecke [To GNU/linux[] 
ackkstp_1_8_04_Fritz_Alexander_Von_Iannecke [Basic must know]
[Win-annoyances to consider]
[A legal, free, Windoze box]
[Those annoying PDF files]
[Common errors]
[The path of the elite windoze xp warrior]

ackkstp_1_8_04_Fritz_Alexander_Von_Iannecke [TIPS]
ackkstp_1_8_04_Fritz_Alexander_Von_Iannecke [STRATEGIES]
ackkstp_1_8_04_Fritz_Alexander_Von_Iannecke =  mandatory