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Welcome wanderer!
you have approached a site of knowledge fashioned in the manner of the "web of old". As you shall see upon entry to this site, if you so choose, there is quite a bit of information to indulge in. Though this knowledge comes to you free of charge, it does require of you an open mind and some self-doing in order to understand the techniques contained within. You will find here useful hints, powerful tools, and half-forgotten lore. You will meet others that, like you, are interested in learning - and teaching - searching methodologies. You'll gain knowledge and power here that will enable you to search the web rather effectively.
Please note that you will not find any advertisements whatsoever on this site: no banners to click on, no sponsors to promote, nothing. I don't need your money: I need your own knowledge and feedback. My only hope is that you will, one beautiful day, contribute yourself to this vast wealth of knowledge.
~S~ Fravia+  1952-2032

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