Sitting on a chimera
(Si sta/come d'autunno/sugli alberi le foglie)

"Herbst" 2008


See: ["Lenz" 2009] for an "upbeat" short moment of hope and [swan song] for the definitive wirecutting of the Damocle's sword that was swinging wildly over my head since almost two years :-|

I have been diagnosed more than one year ago with a nasty tumor (Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Neck), and after months and months of therapy I don't really know what my chances of survival are. Fate believes to be stronger than me. We'll see.
While I undergo further operations and experimental (cilengitide) chemotherapies, trying to stop or at least to slow down the metastasized beast, and while I learn -in a thorough and complete manner- the deep (de-)meaning of the term "patient", my site won't be updated.

Granted, there's indeed a lot of obsolete stuff on searchlores, and the byzantine-labyrinthine structure of the site should have been streamlined long ago.
However I decided to leave everything on line, as it is and as long as it will remain there, because I believe there's still a great wealth of free searching knowledge here, awaiting those among my visitors that are interested in learning and mastering the difficult twin arts of searching the web and reversing everything they find.

                                                fravia+, (september-october 2008)

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