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wonderful, wonderful Ename triple! Try it and check by yourself...
Beer "Ename triple"

It won't be easy to get this beer, unless you happen to have a very good 'Beer Lieferant' (like mine :-) or unless you happen to live near the godforgotten village where this beer is produced, somewhere in Nord-Belgium (which - I hope for you - should be quite unlikely).
I'll try to help you, because it makes me really sad when I see or hear that even 'clever' friends are still stuck with absolute beercraps like Corona, Carlsberg or Beck... If you cannot get this Ename beer I'm speaking of, drink Leffe Blonde (this you'll be able to find everywhere) and you'll have at least a (vague) idea of what I'm trying to let you enjoy :-)

Here you go:

  • Brasserie ROMAN, Hauwert 61, B-9700 OUDENAARDE-MATER
    Tel: 0032-55-455401
    Fax: 0032-55-455600

Note that you of course need the right glass to enjoy this beer. Morons drinking beer dirfectly from the bottle (à la Corona-zombie) should be flogged anyway... and imprisoned till repentance :-)
...Unfortunately they introduced an awful new design, here the blonde

Description (of course in french, like wines, samo samo):

Petit image

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