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Fjalar Ravia

aka fravia+, aka msre, aka Spini, aka Red Avenger, aka ~S~ Sustrugiel aka Pellet

Born on 30 August 1952 in Oulu, on the Botnian Gulf, (Suomi-Finland), first of two children: his younger sister Silja was to become one of the most distinguished painters of the Tampere lagoons.
His father Gunnar, a famous Finnish poet, published the well known collections "Sekasointuja" and "Uusia Säkenijä" and fought with the reds as "Sissiluutnantti Ravia" (partisan lieutenant Ravia) against the nazi of Von Falkenhorst. Fjalar's mother Anu, a very capable teacher, was one of the first Scandinavian women having crossed the Atlantic on a hydroplane in the forties.

He studied applied software entomology at the Savonlinna University and graduated with the paper "How to reverse engineer, and eventually smash, software bugs", published in the prestigious "students' essays" of the University of Helsinki. He later studied history of the early middle ages and rhetoric, in Berlin, under the teachings of one of the greatest university mentors Europe has had in the last century: Dr Frithjof Sielaff.

His hobbies and extra-professional activities vary: web-publishing (on; software reverse engineering and protections matters; anti-advertisement activities; reality cracking and finally beer-tasting (Belgian beers¹ of course).
He enjoys games. Board games with strategical content (chess and all Alex Randolph's games²), but also software games, for instance the unforgettable Steel panther series³ (not to speak of the even better 'combat mission' series, with their incredible tactical* depth).

He hears classical music (Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Mahler and Katschaturian); yet his favorite activities (bar sailing around Greece with his small old and sturdy teak-vertue :-) are by far "semantical reversing" and "practical rhetoric". He spends part of his holidays -almost every year- in Venice (Italy), a city that he loves (there are no cars) and hates (there are too many Italians with a GSM screwed to their heads and much too many tourists).

One of his most peculiar endowments is the capacity of NON watching for months any TV at all.

He works and lives in the European Union with his beloved wife Annele, his daughter Franziska, the twins Alvi and Sirkka, his books, his beers and a lot of bikes.

"For the older reversers are less interested in themselves than the younger ones, and better at getting inside other things. They are steadier, and keep their minds on things longer"
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¹) Especially "Ename triple"

²) Ricochet Robot was developed by fravia+ in 1980 (on a different topological board) and the idea was passed (as a present) to Alex in 1991.

³) You'll be able to find an incredible quantity of very good games, of course for free, if you follow the paths of the "Abandonedwares". For instance the complete Steel Panthers 2 version. Many have worked hard in order to port these strategical marvels to the latest windoze systems. Here and here you'll be able to find, for free, the latest versions, and while playing and wasting many months - you have been warned - on these strategical and tactical marvels, you may be tempted to apply some sound theory! :-)

*) CMBO, CMBB and CMAK are now out, all three have demos that you can play in order to try them out, and I am sure you'll enjoy the tactical depth and the many scenarios. Anyway CMBO, the older one of the trilogy can be VERY easily found on the web.