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How to search our own messageboards :-)

Coz their search functions, embarassing enough, don't work -(

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How to search our own messageboards :-)

in case of a broken search... (10/09/02 02:25:39)

Re: in case of a broken search... (10/09/02 10:49:38)
    have you tried accessing the messages you've found?

    cause i've tried searching my own nick [my ego :) ] and i've found lots
    of postings by me it appears .. but when i click on the link, i get a main
    message index, and of course i clicked on the "aphex twin" link :) [result # 10]
    and i got a main message index [on page 9 of the index] and the posting
    was nowhere to be found .. not on page 9, 8 or 10 ..

    it doesn't work as good as i'd hope? or is it just too early and do i need
    some breakfast first :)

    [well, that's always a good idea]


    - ritz


Re: Re: in case of a broken search... (10/09/02 12:23:06)

Re: Re: Re: in case of a broken search... (10/09/02 13:58:59)
    yea it works now!

    amazing .. what was wrong, what happened, etc i don't get it. ?

    - ritz


Re: Re: Re: Re: in case of a broken search... (10/09/02 14:42:42)
    compare the url for this message:
    with the url of the board:

    so just add url.all:num to the query, to only see pages with actual posts

    try to play with specific parts of the url to get other results


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: in case of a broken search... (11/09/02 17:41:46)
    i find this to be extremely helpful in the searching of the boards.
    it goes to show that sticking to one search engine is limiting
    it also shows that when something is broke --someone is agona find a fix :)
    good job aapje


Me too! (11/09/02 21:53:28) it can't be done with google, eh?

Re: Me too! (13/09/02 01:35:46)
    short answer: no
    longer answer: just try it: google gives only ten results, even without the "num"filter

    wanna have some fun? try the blue scroll :)

    did you know, for example, that euroseek is now "google"powered, with a cute lil' google logo? :)

    on a sidenote: keep an eye on, if only they would finally build a half decent interface to that huge, cached(!) index.
    then again, china <--> search engines, maybe i shouldn't get my hopes up too high

    carry on :)

Re: Re: Me too! (13/09/02 14:45:38)
    > wanna have some fun? try the blue scroll :)

    I have!

    > did you know, for example, that euroseek is now "google"powered, with a cute lil' google logo? :)

    Nope - I rarely use Euroseek, and only ran into it in the Blue Scroll.I use Google mostly, and considered myself an expert when I could create by hand a Google search URL.
    Then I found this site. :)

    > keep an eye on

    Wow! Neat SE. I rather like CleverSearch too... ( is down right now, but try this:

thanks and you're right (13/09/02 01:56:59)
    glad to be of service jeff
    it goes to show that sticking to one search engine is limiting
    i hope were not too hooked on google yet, because there's plenty more out there.
    we all know that, don't we? and yet, most of the queries ad results posted on this board are from google, ain't that funny? :)

Re: most of the queries ad results posted on this board are from google (13/09/02 02:03:47)
    it's a matter of familiarity for me

    i begin there
    if returns are lacking i then (only then) go to alternatives
    not a good limitation at all

Couldn't find this again. ARG! (16/04/03 03:55:19)

these links don't work anymore... (31/12/03 01:06:35)
    Can anyone get these links working again?

    If not, could someone make a new S.E. for the searchlores PHP boards? :)

    - Stiletto

now they do...  (31/12/03 05:26:19)

thanks & notes (31/12/03 07:58:27)
    Thank you, I was too lazy + tired + frustrated to have figured it out. :)

    Note 1: The counter-intuitive date filter trick does not seem to work at this end. (Using IE 6.0 - under duress, I might add - here in the US.) I get NO results.
    Note 2: Also with IE 6.0, I'm sure you haven't noticed, but when you FOLLOW one of the links that AllTheWeb finds, it doesn't resolve correctly.

    AllTheWeb uses some sort of tracking on the links which are followed from it, I suppose in order to improve accuracy, keep statistics, etc.

    Take for example, this thread linking to some Google "hacks" website.
    AllTheWeb finds the thread, and in the description of the thread, prints on the page that the URL is
    where an ellipsis (...) takes the place of all characters from the middle to the end of the text string whose elimination will reduce the displayed URL to a total of <64 chars.
    If you then hover your cursor on the the resulting link in IE, you see what appears to be the "proper" URL,

    However, if you follow the link AllTheWeb provides, it redirects improperly. The actual result URL is:

    And, I suppose, the messageboard script sees this somehow, and so it becomes:
    Which, in turn, makes the page display
    because the URL is malformed.
    Somewhere along the line, either the browser or the website is making something "&" when it should be "&". But what is at fault? Optionally, is there a way of editing the messageboard so that it WILL work? (Laurent?)

    I have seen this error before, so perhaps the browser is at fault?

Re: in case of a broken search... (27/03/04 14:36:44) Nemo


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