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I don't personally think that FTP needs an introduction, if your not familiar with the FTP protocol you should be reading one of the ftp tutorials out there, just be aware that with FTP you can find and retrieve nearly any legal (and possibly illegal :-) file on the web.

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http://www.files.lt/?... yumm!

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Not Just a FTP Search Engine, But Pretty Unique in its HTTP Mirroring as Well

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Meta Search Engines


AllTheWeb Filesearch FreewareWeb FTPFind PKU Rambler

Chinese Regional Search Engines


Peking University

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Dalian University of Technology

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Latvian Regional Search Engines


Latvia FTP search
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Polish Regional Search Engines

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Russian Regional Search Engines


wildcards: *,? exemple: winzip??.exe winzip*.zip

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Rambler advanced FTP search
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Catalogs at first To roll up the results of search on the names of folder/directory




Slovakian Regional Search Engines

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Taiwanese Regional Search Engines



FTP search interface to the swedish sunet ftp-archive

Specialized Search Engines


OTH is an mp3 search engine mainly but other *warez* types of files can be seeked through it as well.

It's better to use this engine to find the names of your targets if your unsure of the *exact* name, as this engine is heavily spammed by banner clickers (they won't give you access to files till you vist X and click Y and get password for Z). Also of note is "the hide ? sites", its purpose is to remove ratio/banner sites from the results but is often circumvented.

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"It's Narly time"

You can add your ftp sites to this one :-)

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Quite useful one

Search for drivers!   ( advanced search )


FTP Clients

Freeware Clients


Freeware for personal and educational use

One of the better freeware windows clients, interface might take a bit of getting used to :)
Multiple Platform
Freeware (GPL)
Command line client, one of the longest standing *nix clients available.
GNU/Linux and UNIX Variants
Freeware (GPL)
Advanced commandline ftp client.

FTP Resources

[Our own Searching scrolls]
Some scrolls will give you more searching power than you actually can manage :-)

[Raw FTP Command List]
Quite often invaluable if your doing some ahem not so standard things :)

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