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assembled by Kane

The dunkle world of the basements

You are embarking on a dark trip today, fellow reader. The guts of the web will allow you - as long as you know how to search wading dangerously through wild-grown alleys - to gather all sort of dubious jewels, for your seeking pleasure... or just for the sake of it: some seekers like to find stuff in order to throw it away :-)

   Seekers' rule number one:        Anything that can be digitized is on the web:
    you will find it if you know where to look

A word of warning: the possible results of this kind of searches are considered highly illegal, awfully unethic and utterly unmoral, especially (and curiously enough) in those "first world" countries where small oligarchies of rich satraps rule their guinea pigs subjects trough bought politicians, mass-propaganda techniques and forced TV-indoctrination, faking a vanishing simulacre of democracy enforced trough the very (dull) mass media that BELONG to them.

Yessir: where every young slave has the holy duty to slurp 3/4 hours of advertisement daily, there is no place - and no pardon - for wasting the precious time that subjects should dedicate to consume in order, say, to search pirated (and hence free) music, information, software, images, books, knowledge...

We have been imprisoned in this consumistic slavery with methods that are more illegal, unethic and unmoral than anything you could ever do in your life.
In this "advertisement hell" there should be no possibility to escape the gloomy yoke of the market forces.

And yet... Yet the web offers still - in part - an exception to the oligarchic absolutism of our slavemasters.

See: you are NOT even supposed to know... that every film, every music and every software you may think of is already on the web for the take... nor you should learn how to fetch it!

Haha! I was just kidding of course, omnis homo mendax: read my lips!
Now listen to the truth©®: you should never use pirated appz and you should always buy your musics, films, books, software and local politicians.

Once more: you should never do anything illegal yourself... and yet, as you will see, the knowledge of some "dark arts" can come handy at times.
Moreover you will be amazed, methodologically, realizing HOW MANY SEEKING TRICKS you can learn from those that pursue such activities on the web :-)
Yep! Seekers shold not be surprised, nor scared, when confronted during their errands with some weird aspects of human activity...

~ File Searching Lore ~


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