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First of all, never forget that Inktomi is more a marketing tool than a real search engine.
A classical lair of PPC (Pay per click) bandits: Inktomi ranks results by how much a company is willing to pay for listings :-(
Now, PPC is of course a dangerous slippery slope: If better engines that you include everyone for free, why should anyone pay for your costly crap? At the same time, if you add only those who pay, the quality of the search results deteriorates rapidly. That's the reason no real searcher in his right mind would use Inktomi services alone, "geschweige denn" pay money for them. But that is 'truth' only if you are a rational being and know your logic, it has no value whatsoever if you are just a consume drilled guinea-pig.
See: the abominable sheer quantity of MSN-AOL zombies perusing all the time only a dozen sites of the web should never be underestimated. These (alas: many) people do not know a jack, and could not understand a 'quality deterioration' of their search results if it would suddendly materialize out of their TV-similar PC and bite them a leg off. Thus the dirty trick, here, is to lure idiots into buying poor-quality things they do not need nor can judge anyway, so the evil model may after all make a sense.

Quote: "Their algo stinks and if you don't pay...don't expect to be ahead of the paid spam"
Quote: "Most of the pages I see in competitive keyword searches are nothing more than spam"

Note also that you can check what 'PositionTech' database has to offer:
Here you have Positionstech's form:


It is well known that as user progress along the learning curve they move away from MSN, AOL and INKTOMI solutions and towards engine such as Google, Allthweb, Wisenut et similia.

Yet Inktomi picks up even pages that do not pay, of course, if enough links/searches point to them... (fact is that Inktomi's algo not only counts links, but also the context surrounding the links, which is not so dumb after all) that's the reason you sould by all means have a look at its workings...


Quick Tips and Examples
It's easy to search with Inktomi Search. Just type in a few words or phrases. Try to use discriminating terms that are likely to be found only in the documents you seek. The more words you give, the better results you'll get. Here are some examples:

Search by typing words and phrases.

Pentium computer with 8x CD-ROM for sale
Inktomi Search will find documents containing as many of these words and phrases as possible, ranked so that the documents most relevant to your query are presented first. Don't worry about missing a document because it doesn't have one of the words in your search -- Inktomi Search returns relevant results even if they don't contain all query terms.

Identify phrases with quotation marks, separate with commas.

Pentium computer with "8x CD-ROM", "for sale"
A phrase is entered using double quotation marks, and only matches those words which appear adjacent to each other. Separate multiple phrases or proper names with a comma.

Use UPPER case to indicate exact match.

Steve Jobs, NeXT
Search terms in lowercase will match words in any case, otherwise, an exact case match is used. For example, next will find matches for Next, next, and NeXT, whereas a query for NeXT will only match NeXT.




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