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Updated in November 2001
The Zen of porn-images searching
by ~S~ Giglio   gi_glio[ALT+64]usa[ALT+46]net

This is the third classroom, I have invited here as teacher, today, ~S~ Giglio, a master searcher I have met on my old messageboards. Just read the text below, where he goes to great lengths in order to explain the various techniques used in order to find "hidden" images on the web, and I'm sure you'll understand and enjoy...

This thread, originally on private emails, is NOT intended for minors.
I have esitated before publishing this (this is a site for advanced searching, not for porno-searchers) as a part of my activity is directed AGAINST the web-swamping porn-sites. On the other hand, Giglio is probably right: many zombies will land on this page (because of the tricks he used: see code) and some of them may even "grow up" and begin to see some "knowledge light"... therefore: why not? Seekers shold not be surprised, nor scared when confronted during their errands with some weird aspects of human life...
Third classroom
The Zen of porn-images searching
Part 1: Redheaded goddesses
by ~S~ Giglio, Started in January 2000

Heavily edited by fravia+

See, this page at fravia's will attract a lot of lusers. People looking for Krista Mayes, Lisa Kinkaid, and Margo Feller will land here (How do I know? look at the code, Luke... who are they? Search these names and enjoy the findings ;-)
So people that do not even know that you can learn how to search, and that do not understand nothing at all will land here looking for redheads, or for bondage starlets. So what? We are knowledge "vampires" after all, aren't we? Let's bite their necks... let's see if we can transform zombies in something better than drooling amoebas... gosh: spreading knowledge to the idiots? Pearls for pigs?... how was that one? nemo liber est qui corpori servit...

Let's begin from the beginning. No1 in his right mind would begin searching naughty pics from the crap porn-sites that abound - and pester - the web. So, if you are itching for -say- redheaded goddesses images, where would you actually begin from?

Of course! USENET newsgroups! Of course!

How underestimated! And how silly to underestimate them... this is a sort of combing: as soon as a backdoor is discovered, a lot of good souls are going to post the images they have found on usenet. So you will get EVERYTHING you may want for free, served at once on a silver plate.
How do we peruse newsgroups, apart from dejanew?
There are many possibilities: 1) on the web (sucknews and similar); 2) trough your own provider; 3) using a dedicated bot.
Let's have a look together right now to some of the most promising ones: go to (directly) http://www.sexcom.net/main.html or to http://www.hogtied.com/newst/alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.redheads/ (indirectly) http://www.hogtied.com/newst/indexng.htm this site is very easy to hack (same id/password combo), and anyway even without hacking it, is showing with the thumbnails all the names you may need for your searches ad hoc... (or to http://www.sucknews.com/, but you'll need to hack this one now, since it went commercial). Anyway... see the names?
Finally you may also enjoy http://www.best.com/~banner/netsex2.shtml that kiks you automatically to your OWN news server, eheh... you may try the same perusing at http://www.newsville.com/news/groups/...
How was the trip? Nice?
So, now I hope you understood it. If not, then check alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.redheads... so, now I hope you finally understood it.


Of course not all newsgroups are really "alive", and most nesgroup are spammed by the idiot porn commercialists, yet you will quickly find out which ones offer the best signal to noise relation. As quick rule, every time you see a posting with the NEWGROUP name in it, you know it has not been CROSSPOSTED. This means, that in this case, at tims, it is worth a look. Now, I'm not even going to discuss the reasons you should not download images yourself. Let a bot, for instance, [picture agent] do it for you. You'll find this target, regged and cracked, all over the web - you are supposed to be good seekers, aren't you? :-)
Anyway you don't actually need to look for a cracked version: you may easily crack this target yourself... great fun for newbies and beginners infact: let's say you are not using astalavista and you have found only a "retail" version of picture agent [for instance pa27.zip, 2653kbytes] then be aware of the fact that this silly target has got a "protection" unworth of any consideration. As you will quikly discover, just perusing the deadlisting of this target. Hope that you know by now that you use either IDA or wdasm to get a deadlisting.
Inside the unassembled code of this target there is a silly memory comparison between edi (real code for your inputted string) and eax (the code that you have inputted yourself as registration string) which is performed again and again every time you starte the target and try to register.
Thus actually you do not even need to check the algos: if you register as a single letter (old +ORC's trick) then your input string (try it) corresponds to the following: Even a zombie would see that following this pattern if you register with the username "f" you would have as numberstring 0x77 (i.e. dec 119) less than what you would have had if you had registered as "d" (i.e. 113764, duh). This kind of software "protections" are so lame that they do not amuse at all: they sadden me.
Well, let's continue. Let's imagine I want to find all pictures that are on teh web of a specific redheaded starlet. I'll choose Terry Diver, for instance.
And now, let's imagine that some searchstring did land you here:
How would you proceed?
And what if you don't want to seek the usenet and you want to go fishing for specific images? Then you must first stalk a little and find out WHO you are searching. I know: it is only virtual meat you want, but even that meat has a nick or a pseudo, and this will help you a lot. Besides, at times you'll even be able to stalk that to a real person - and name - which will make things all that more exciting. Even easier: if you use some of the most common starlets names on any reasonable altavista query you'll land in a lot of very juicy places...
What do I mean?

Two image-searching assignements

Try either the following image-searching assignement (if you prefer soft porn): having a look at this image. OK, who is the Arthist? Real picture is oil on canvas 76,2 * 55,8 cm.

If on the other hand you like hard porn, you may prefer to try for instance to stalk Teri Diver, that you can see here in all his redheaded splendor. If you will search correctly you'll find out that she lives at...

Solution attempts
A good and interesting solution can be found here, but you should FIRST try to search yourself.

"images reversing"

Can we learn some 'images reversing skills? I believe we can. The best place I found to learn this is [LURID COVERS ] "A weekly updated commentary on the Vintage Paperbacks of the 30's, 40's and 50's, featuring artwork and editorials on the history of what was a uniquely American approach to the development of various forms of marketing for the newly invented paperback".

This is a GREAT site for image reversing purposes, and you'll find all sort of COMMENTED images, for instance the following redheaded cover... with a witty comment:

Petit image
              You have to wonder just how many videos there are with this cover behind that 'adults only" curtain at the video rental store.

The influence of modern art is clearly shown here. It provides that nice stucco feel that all prison walls must have. And it really brings out the stripes on that sheetless matress. Actually, the stripes on the mattress are to over-detail it so that if fades back and so that the blue in it succeeds at popping out the custom pink prison outfit without itself becoming to overly apparent.

The poor woman. She obviously must have traded that last of her linen for lipstick and mascara.

On the same site you'll find a complete redheads section ("Besides a couple of battleships, nothing pops out of a cover like a little primary color. Which is why Redheads are so popular"), with more interesting image reversing comments to be read.
See? There are many ways to tackle images... and we are far from having finished... now, for instance, go ahead on your own using anyone of the following names -you may even find material enough to write a "history of the red-headed starlets in the eighties":

terri wayne, teri diver, terry diver, tiffany lin, tiffany storm, traci o'connor, travis lee, trish adams, trixie tyler, veronica, victoria vixen, whitney prescott, haron kane, hasey lain, livia outre, tara paisley, 

and, should you need more names, just look at the source code of this page. OK: see once more the importance of NAMES on the web? :-)

So you have already learned two paths: Usenet perusing -the more automated the better- and name-seeking where only your fantasy and patience will set some limits. Yet there are even more possible approaches, let's see...
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of course this is still in fieri...

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